How-To: Use Translate Without The Galaxy Note 7 & S Pen

This year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is accompanied by a new S Pen stylus, and unlike all the previous Galaxy Note models in the series, the latest one accommodates a waterproof S Pen to go hand-in-hand with the Galaxy Note 7’s IP68 certificate. As expected from a new model, the S Pen is also accompanied by a series of software applications, most of which are bundled in a redesigned Air Command menu. One of the new additions to the menu is called “Translate”, and as the name suggests it gives users the option of translating text from different languages by hovering the S Pen over the desired text. It sounds like a really neat feature for people who may need it, but what about those who don’t own the Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Is there a way for these consumers to benefit from a similar “Translate” feature on their phones? The short answer is “yes”, and for details as to “how”, keep on reading for the simple steps below.

Although the “Translate” feature found on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is unique and available only on the said device, similar functionality can be obtained from another application, namely the Google Translate app which has been available for download from the Play Store long before the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was released. Simply put and not unlike Samsung’s application, Google Translate for Android allows users to highlight text and translate it with ease. The app can even be used to translate text from photos, assuming that the text is legible enough. To use Google Translate for translating text from nearly any screen, first make sure that the application has been downloaded from the Play Store and installed on your device. With the application installed, simply select the desired text – for example, while browsing a web page - tap the menu button (three dots) from the pop-up window appearing after highlighting the text, and select “Translate”. An overlay window will then appear, allowing you to select a language for translation, and to make further edits if necessary. To translate text from pictures, users need to open the Translate application first, tap on the small camera icon, and then capture the desired image.

Translating text without an S Pen and a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might not be as fancy or convenient, but Google’s Translate application surely gets the job done for anyone who doesn’t own the said phablet. It’s a solution for nearly every Android smartphone user, regardless if they use a stylus or not. Click the banner below to get Google Translate from the Play Store.

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