Trucking & Mobile Industries Create ONE20 Together


Life as a long-haul trucker can be tough. Self-driving trucks are seemingly on the horizon, giving trucking companies all the more motivation to hire only the best and to push their employees. Long stretches away from home and family, excessive fatigue, limited parking opportunities, and high prices for necessary goods are essentially part and parcel of being a trucker these days. Various trucking industry insiders have partnered up with Samsung and AT&T to make that reality just a little bit less harsh for truckers by creating the free ONE20 initiative. To join up, all truckers have to do is download the app on their Android or iOS device.

The free app contains a number of helpful features, like truck-specific turn-by-turn directions, crowdsourced local info on amenities, parking spaces and the like, and offers for savings both on and off the job for truckers' everyday essentials. According to the press release, "The ultimate goal for ONE20 is to create the nation's largest and strongest coalition of professional drivers and the ecosystems of products and services they use daily." The free app connects truckers with meaningful content that's relevant to what they do, and to one another on the road, ensuring no trucker will have to drive truly alone.

While the app provides a number of benefits, truckers can take things further by purchasing a specially-made version of Samsung's Galaxy Tab E 8.0, available from AT&T via Amazon and about 1,500 travel-centric retail outlets. The tablet is exclusive to AT&T's network, and is exclusive to ONE20 members. The tablet includes a number of apps that truckers may find useful, along with additional security features that will ensure that truckers don't have to worry about their personal data ending up in the hands of enterprising hackers. The tablet comes with AT&T LTE service on a no-commitment, risk-free month to month basis, along with access to an exclusive 10GB low-price data plan for ONE20 members. The tablet will also come with a suction cup mount, a protective case, and all of the various cables and chargers one may need to keep it going on the road. The tablets are not ready for release quite yet, but truckers wanting to get their hands on one can sign up for an email alert on ONE20's website.

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