Top 10: Fixes Needed For Pokemon GO


Niantic has recently been hard at work coming up with Pokemon GO updates that fix numerous problems in its hit mobile game. However, the app still leaves something to be desired and isn't completely bug-free so players are obviously not perfectly happy and continue to advocate for some much-needed improvements and additions. Here are the top 10 most popular fixes Pokemon GO players all over the world are asking for:

1. Pokemon trading

It's pretty much universally accepted that Pokemon trading needs to happen as soon as possible. Yes, Niantic said it's working on it but as things stand right now, completing one's Pokedex without trading seems like an almost impossible endeavor for anyone not willing to travel the world.


2. Background tracking

If hundreds of fitness apps can do it, why can't Pokemon GO do it? It can and it should. The "Battery Saver" option kind of accomplishes this, at least in terms of not requiring your screen to be on but it's still not actual background tracking. Players rightfully want to be able to hatch their eggs while still using their phones for other tasks or while simply keeping them locked in their pockets.



3. A complete overhaul of the CP system

CP isn't the end-all-be-all of Pokemon GO battling but the current system doesn't make much sense. You can't have a late-game Gengar no matter what you do, Onyx only gets around 15 CP per upgrade… a lot of Pokemon simply aren't competitively viable CP-wise even if one is to completely ignore the most powerful moves in the game which are exclusively available to just a small portion of the current Pokemon GO pool.

4. Minimum CP level for wild Pokemon


The number of times you can stumble across a 150 CP Charizard or Snorlax in the wild is truly too high and makes zero sense.

5. Better prizes for catching evolved wild Pokemon

It doesn't make sense that a Charizard gives just as much XP and Charmander Candy as Charmeleon considering how much harder it is to catch the fully evolved version.


6. Better prizes for transferring evolved Pokemon

Same logic as above applies. It takes more effort or candy to get that Charizard so why do players get only a single candy for transferring it?

7. Gradual elimination of weaker potions from the reward pool


What is a level 25 player supposed to do when a PokeStop rewards him or her with three regular potions? Nothing but mass-discard the now-useless items. Again.

AH Pokemon GO-5

8. A Gym takeover window


Ever tried taking over a Gym in a crowded city? Well, it isn't fun because nothing's stopping other players from stealing the Gym you've spent over 10 minutes fighting for in that small window it takes you to exit the battle screen and put your own defender in the Gym.

9. Candy trading

Just like with Pokemon trading, Candy trading would allow for a much less frustrating path towards catching 'em all.


10. Standardization of Candy rewards from egg hatches

This may be a bug but while larger eggs usually give bigger candy rewards than their smaller counterparts, the amounts are still often seemingly random which needs to be fixed. Finally getting that impossibly rare Dratini and only 3 Candies for it is just frustrating when your Lapras just netted you 20 Candy the day before from the same egg.

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