Top 10: Best Screen Protectors for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 Proper NS AH 27

The Galaxy Note 7 does already have a pretty tough screen, since it is coated with Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5. But if you’ve been worried by the videos showing how easy it is to scratch the display on the Galaxy Note 7, then you may want to look into getting a screen protector. Here are ten of the best screen protectors available for the Galaxy Note 7.

Skinomi TechSkin



Skinomi has been known for the high-quality screen protectors, and they are at it again with the Galaxy Note 7. This one here offers “full coverage” of your Galaxy Note 7. What that means is that the entire front of the device is covered, not the back, unfortunately. Skinomi offers a lifetime warranty with this screen protector as well.

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IQ Shield Matte Screen Protector



Sometimes you don’t want a clear screen protector, you want something that provides a bit of privacy, and that’s exactly what this screen protector from IQ Shield does for you. It boasts being an anti-glare screen protector. Which means you can use it out in the sunlight and not have a glare on the screen making it tough to see.

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SPARIN Curved Tempered Glass Screen Protector



SPARIN has a bit of an interesting screen protector here. It isn’t a completely clear protector. The bezels of the screen protector are colored to match the Galaxy Note 7. This will make it easier to line it up properly though. Additionally, this is a tempered screen protector, which will make things much better, as far as user experience goes.

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Supershieldz Galaxy Note 7 Screen Protector



Supershieldz also has a nice screen protector here, which they claim is “anti-bubble” and what this means is that when you install the screen protector, you won’t see those bubbles on your screen that you typically see. Making it seem like there’s no screen protector there, when there really is.

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Armorsuit MilitaryShield



This is a more high-end screen protector, which will give you a better experience than many of these others that are made from Japanese PET film. Amorsuit claims that this screen protector is “case friendly” meaning that it shouldn’t get in the way of putting a case onto your Galaxy Note 7 to keep it safe.

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Degbit Screen Protector



Degbit does have a nice looking screen protector here which will protect the entire front of your Galaxy Note 7. This includes the sides and that curved display. Which many are afraid might break more easily since it is curved, and not just a flat display. It’s important to grab a screen protector since replacing the display is going to cost you around $270.

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RinoGear Premium HD Invisible Clear Shield



RinoGear has their premium HD invisible clear shield screen protector here for the Galaxy Note 7. They are also offer unlimited replacements for the life of your device. So that if you ever need to get a new screen protector, RinoGear has your back and will send you another one for your Galaxy Note 7.

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IQ Shield LiQuidSkin


IQ Shield has another screen protector here which is the LiQuidSkin. This is a pretty unique screen protector, as it’s not a tempered glass one nor made from premium Japanese PET film. IQ Shield does say that this one will not turn yellow, like most of them do after months and months of use.

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Kaptron Tempered Glass Screen Protector

kaptron-galaxy-note-7 (1)


Kaptron has a sweet screen protector for the Galaxy Note 7. This is indeed a tempered glass protector. This is preferred over the other plastic screen protectors as it feels more natural to your finger, and makes it easier to use your device. As the plastic protectors can get sticky especially in hot weather.

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Dalinch 3D Glass Screen Protector


Dalinch also has a glass screen protector here, and it’s listed as “3D” because it is indeed curved to fit the curved display that the Galaxy Note 7 does indeed sport. This means that it is protecting the entire front of your smartphone, and not just the display. So you can go about your day and not need to worry about your smartphone being damaged.

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