T-Mobile Outspends Other Carriers On TV Adverts During July


Advertising, in many ways, makes the modern world go round. It's the main revenue source for a number of large tech firms, it's a key revenue source for many media and news outlets, and it helps to drive the modern economy by giving customers an idea about a product or even making a customer want a product. TV advertising, despite the growing number of cord cutters out there, is still a huge medium. One well-written and well-placed commercial can net a company upwards of a billion impressions, which could translate to millions of new customers. This is especially true for wireless carriers. Besides word of mouth, advertising and their own research, consumers don't know the coverage and available deals of each wireless carrier in the US, and the numbers for how much carriers spend to get their name out there can be a bit surprising.

The numbers for July of 2016 alone should speak for themselves. Starting with T-Mobile and according to data from iSpot.TV, the Un-Carrier was responsible for some 20.9-percent of major mobile carrier spending in the US, when it comes to TV ads. The company ended up spending $41.6 million to put out 18 different commercials. In total, they saw around a billion impressions. With marketing being the ace in the hole that John Legere has been using to pull the company from the brink of sale since 2013, that's not much of a surprise. The company's image has changed significantly in recent years, and wireless customers have taken notice, as shown by their fairly decent Q2 2016 report.

Sprint spent $36 million and got about 1.3 billion impressions from 7 commercials, some of which featured the "Can You Hear Me Now" guy, Paul Marcarelli. Across 19 ads, one of which got them over half a billion impressions, AT&T nabbed third place in spending by laying down $33.8 million while Verizon came in at fourth place, with 11 different ads that got them around 1.1 billion impressions and cost a total of $28.9 million. Cricket rounded things out for the month, getting themselves 547.9 million impressions across 9 ads that at a cost of $15.7 million. Which drove the hype up nicely as they prepare to expand their retail presence. Although, it is worth pointing out that the 'others' racked up the biggest percentage of spending for the month coming in at 21.7-percent of the total spend.



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