T-Mobile ONE Plus Offers Unlimited Hotspot And More


T-Mobile has really been shaking up the wireless industry over the past few years through their Un-carrier campaign, offering customers some of the best values available. This started with the inclusion of unlimited data on all their post-paid plans – but there was a catch. While the data was, in fact, unlimited, it would be reduced in speed once a certain amount of data was used, and differing high-speed data caps would affect the monthly cost. Recently, the Un-carrier announced T-Mobile ONE, which does away with data limits entirely, including high-speed data limits. However, there are still some limitations on how you can use your data. Streaming video will be scaled down to lower resolutions unless the customer is willing to pay an extra $20 monthly for high definition streaming.

Now, after listening to feedback from customers, they are making the offer even more appealing, with T-Mobile ONE Plus. Instead of paying $20 per month for unlimited HD video streaming, customers can purchase day passes. A day pass lasts for 24 hours, and can be bought at any time, giving customers the option to use HD video streaming whenever they need it without significantly affecting the cost of their plan. When traveling abroad, data speeds will now be two times faster. Mobile hotspot data speeds will be four times faster, and there will even be an option for unlimited use of mobile hotspot, a feature not available on any other carrier so that all your devices can have a high-speed internet connection at all times.

As good as these offers sound, there is some fine print. With T-Mobile ONE, once a subscriber has used 26GB of data in a given month, their access to LTE data will be deprioritized for the remainder of that month. This is not to be confused with data throttling, which reduces speed universally once a certain point has been reached; instead, it only reduces the speed for deprioritized customers on an as-needed basis, for example, when there is network congestion. While this may seem like a drawback to heavy data users, it is not meant to penalize those who use a lot of data, but is simply a necessary measure put in place to ensure network quality to all users, this will only affect a very small number of subscribers. The monthly cost of the ONE Plus plan will be $25 per month in addition to the cost of the standard T-Mobile ONE plan, which varies depending on the number of lines, and will be available starting September 1, 2016.

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