T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 Preorders Hitting Bank Accounts


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been the subject of a ton of hype, and a ton of leaks and rumors leading up to its official unveiling. Finally, back at the beginning of this month, T-Mobile customers who wanted to get their hands on the device got their wish; The Uncarrier unveiled their variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and announced that customers could finally begin putting in their pre-orders for the flagship phablet. With a somewhat high price offset by a pretty incredible feature set and the exclusive benefits of the S Pen, the Galaxy Note 7 managed to get at least a few pre-orders from Magenta customers. One person who put in their pre-order was just charged for it as of Friday, meaning that the phones are likely shipping out either right now or soon.

One Wells Fargo customer  was able to screenshot his transaction alert email showing the charge on his account from T-Mobile. The transaction doesn't specifically name the Galaxy Note 7, but according to the individual, that's what it's for. According to T-Mobile's credit tiers, the price checks out for a pre-order amount. August 18th was set as the official shipping date for pre-orders of the Silver Titanium and Black Onyx varieties, while those who laid their money down on a Blue Coral unit are supposed to be seeing their items leaving the warehouse and generating shipping reports as of August 23rd. This wouldn't be the first time that T-Mobile has shipped out phones a bit early, if that is indeed the case; Galaxy S7 and Galax S7 Edge pre-order customers got themselves a pleasant surprise about a week before the phone's official release.

For those who may be interested, pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 are still open, and even come with a free year of Netflix. There is, of course, no guarantee that you will see your bank charge or shipping notification at the same time as those who pre-ordered earlier, if you put your cash down now. Most of the time, pre-order shipping happens on a first-come, first-serve basis, with waves based on inventory and shipping capacity. Thus, if you do decide to grab a Galaxy Note 7 now, the best practice would be to assume you'll be seeing it ship out on the official date unless you hear otherwise.



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