Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Features Dialer With Hiya Integration

note 7 hiya

Google recently updated their own dialer app with some advanced features, including enhanced caller ID that will identify unknown callers by name and identification of suspected spam. Unfortunately, their new dialer app was not made available to non-Nexus devices. But good news – one of the most hotly anticipated smartphones of 2016 does have similar capabilities.

The Galaxy Note 7, launched earlier this week, has a whole range of fantastic new features, including an improved S Pen and a built-in iris scanner that can be used to unlock the device. One of these features that hasn’t gotten as much attention is the advanced dialer app, which has built-in Hiya (formerly White Pages) integration. This includes quite a few useful capabilities. First off, there is the improved caller ID. Unlike the caller ID you’ll find on most devices, which will only either identify contacts you have listed in your phonebook or show you the number of an incoming call, Hiya will look up the number in their database in real-time and show you the name of the person or business that is calling you.

In addition to identifying the caller, you will be notified if the call you are receiving is suspected spam. This is generated from user feedback, so it also offers the user the opportunity to report spam and leave comments, which will help others identify it as spam in the future. With the ever-increasing number of spam calls consumers have to deal with every day, this is a welcome addition that will help them avoid wasting time with telemarketers and focus on more important things. Aside from caller ID features, it also has the ability to look up businesses right from within the dialer. This means that you won’t have to look up a businesses number in a separate app, saving time and effort. And the Hiya functionality won’t require a standalone app or separate dialer, it will be baked right into the stock dialer on the Galaxy Note 7. Unfortunately, while Hiya integration will be available on many variants around the world, if you live in the U.S. you will have to have service from a select number of smaller carriers to take advantage of it.


While the dialer integration will only be available on the Galaxy Note 7, the Hiya app is already available on other Android devices. So if you don’t plan to purchase a Galaxy Note 7, or can’t wait until it’s released to try out this service, you can still give it a try now. However, the Galaxy Note 7 will likely provide a better experience as it will work seamlessly with the stock software. The device is expected to be released on August 19, 2016, and pre-orders will be going live very shortly for those who want to get theirs as soon as possible.