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Square Dash is an Android game that puts players in control of a cardboard box that they need to get from the beginning of the level to the end in as few attempts as they can. Our boxy little friend is simply named "Square" and across nine different levels, player need to tap to jump, while timing their jumps in order to clear obstacles. Described as a"thrilling saga", Square Dash gets progressively more and more difficult as users progress through the nine levels and while it's certainly a more basic approach to gameplay, it seems pretty addictive, so let's take a closer look.

First off, players will need to download Square Dash from the Play Store, which also includes needing to pay for the game. It's a shame to see that there's no free version of Square Dash, but this does help to cut out most ads when playing. After downloading and installing the game, users will simply need to launch the game and then hit the big play button in order to get started.



From here on, there are nine levels to play through, however all of these need to be unlocked by completing the previous level. There is no introduction to the game, no backstory and there's not even a screen to let users know how to even play the game. Given the asking price of Square Dash, this is a little disappointing, as even though the controls are super-straightforward, any sort of introduction is a plus.


Gameplay is, predictably, pretty simple. There's certainly a "Flappy Bird but without the flying" feeling of familiarity here. However, players can tap and hold on the display for longer or shorter periods in order to control the over length of their jump. This is helpful for getting over longer or higher obstacles that stand in Square's way.


Square Icon 02

For the most part, the game carries on like this, with the later levels becoming more challenging, and each attempt you make at completeing the levels being logged by the game. There's no scoring system here, and it appears as though completing each level in as few attempts as possible is really the only goal or reason to play each of the levels of Square Dash.



Should you be unable to complete the level, you'll end up clocking up another attempt, which is displayed each time you play the level. However, there is also the option to watch a video in order to skip the level. Not only is this a way of introducing ads into a game that's pricey to begin with, but it will take just 9 videos to have skipped the entirety of the game.


Given the overall look and feel of Square Dash, it's clear that this is a game developed by an indie developer, and will be best-appreciated by fans of indie games. While there's nothing wrong with that, Square Dash clearly doesn't try very hard at all. The overall presentation isn't great, and there are just nine levels on offer here, all of this in a game that asks people to pay upfront while also offering them ads to skip the scant content on offer. Even so, the gameplay at the heart of the – admittedly very short – experience that Square Dash has to offer is good, and it's the sort of game that will appeal to those looking for a strong and satisfying challenge, as well as something that's more than a little off the beaten track compared to other games. With a free version and more levels on offer, Square Dash would be a much more appealing game, and while the majority of players might find the gameplay addictive enough on its own, there needs to be more added to it in the long term.



  • Speed (4/5) – Square Dash runs fine, and while the gameplay might be a bit quick for some players, this is where much of the initial challenge for players lie.
  • Theme (3/5) – There's not really much here in the way of an overall theme, as the graphics look blocky and textures are overused throughout the nine levels, and there's not much in the way of overall presentation.
  • Featured (3.5/5) – While the gameplay at the heart of things here is pretty addictive as well as challenging, there are only nine of these levels on offer, and they all come with the option to skip them if players want, which leaves Square Dash with very, very little content on offer.


  • Good game for children, as there's little to get in the way of the overall gameplay, and players can simply get stuck in without any fuss or hassle.
  • Simply control system makes Square Dash an approachable and simple game for casual gamers as well, again, children.
  • Gives players simple, yet challenging level designs to work their way through.
  • Familiar for players that like jumping games and other similar Flappy Bird titles.


  • Pricey for a game that only has nine different levels on offer.
  • Gives players the option to skip levels, which seems okay, but with only nine on offer it's a problem.

All-in-all, Square Dash is the sort of Android Game that will certainly please some users, but ultimately get on the nerves of others. It doesn't have too much on offer, and it asks that players pay for the game upfront, without any sort of free or trial game on offer, which is not the sort of thing that players enjoy when it comes to simple games like this. Even so, Square Dash does, undeniably, have some addictive gameplay that some might find thoroughly enjoyable, depending on what type of gamer they are as well as how old they are.

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