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Simulator for PokeEgg is an Android game that's designed for fans of Pokemon that want a simple and fun way to complete the PokeDex. Players are given eggs which they need to hatch by continually clicking on the egg, and depending on the number of clicks per egg, there is a chance to hatch a rarer Pokemon. With the original 151 Pokemon included, the aim is to keep on hatching eggs until they complete the included PokeDex. With cute graphics, lots of Pokemon to hatch and the surprise of what you'll end up with, Simulator for PokeEgg seems to have a lot of right boxes ticked. Is it however, just another game that's looking to cash in on the overnight success of Pokemon GO? Let's take a look.

It's worth noting that this is a game that is not affiliated with the Pokemon Company, Nintendo or indeed Niantic, the makers of Pokemon GO. With that said, players can download Simulator for PokeEgg from the Play Store for free. There are no in-app purchases included here, but there are ads included to help make the developer a little money.

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When players first launch the game, they'll be presented with a PokeEgg, as well as a number above it. This number is the amount of clicks that the egg needs before it hatches. I started off with an egg that needed 50 different clicks. I quickly wore this down to about 20 or so, and as I did so the egg's appearance started to change.

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At the end of this incessant clicking, your egg with hatch and a Pokemon will appear from it. My first egg was a Meowth, as we can see here:


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The artwork used to depict the original 151 Pokemon in Simulator for PokeEgg is nice and it will please those that have enjoyed the fan art surrounding Pokemon for the last 20 years or so now. There is a PokeDex in Simulator for PokeEgg and each time that you hatch a new Pokemon, there's a new entry inside of the PokeDex.

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Now, I grew up playing Pokemon as a kid, and as such, I think I know the original PokeDex pretty well. To my eyes, it doesn't appear that this PokeDex is in the original order that these first appeared in the games, but this might only be a small annoyance to some players. Each time that they hatch a Pokemon, it's added to this list, and the more of that particular Pokemon you get, the higher the number next to it becomes.

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This doesn't appear to do anything however, beyond telling you how many Meowths or Rhyhorns you have, for instance. While the whole "catch 'em all" aspect appears to be here, the PokeDex included here doesn't really have anything in the way of commentary on the particular Pokemon themselves, something that many fans will be sad to see missing.

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Not all the eggs that you get given by the game will be a 50 click affair, as I've seen eggs go up to 350 clicks and even 500 clicks in some cases. It's not guaranteed that these will result in a rarer Pokemon, but it seems likely at best.


Simulator for PokeEgg 01

In one of my 350 click eggs I managed to get hold of a Jynx, which appears to be a fairly rare Pokemon in the grand scheme of things, I suppose.

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After spending a little time with Simulator for PokeEgg it quickly becomes clear that this is mostly a simple game that has been designed to cash in on some of the hype surrounding Pokemon GO. This isn't too surprising, as there has to be quite a few games out there that are doing the same. What I'm not so sure about, is why there are no comments about the Pokemon themselves inside of the PokeDex and just what, if anything, is the point of the game. Sure, we need to collect them, to "hatch 'em all' if you will, but this isn't exactly all that fun. Clicking constantly on a new egg each time just to fill up 151 slots doesn't sound that appealing. Still, it's addictive to keep on clicking and see how quickly you can get the number on top of the egg to go down, but it's not exactly a groundbreaking game mechanic, and I will imagine that some will get fed up with this pretty quickly. Either way, this is a good game if you're a fan of these clicker games that just keep on offering you more things to click at.


  • Speed (4/5) – Simulator for PokeEgg runs just fine and it doesn't take long to complete the game, which makes this a pretty speedy endeavor overall.
  • Theme (4/5) – The graphics here, while a little sparse, look good and the Pokemon themselves look pretty cute. There's a sound effect for the cracking egg, but some of that classic Pokemon music would be great to see here.
  • Features (3/5) – With one simple gameplay mechanic, and a PokeDex that doesn't really do anything other than fill up a list, there's a lot that appears to be missing here overall.
  • Overall (3.5/5) – Ultimately, this is the sort of game that will only appeal to Pokemon fans. It doesn't, as some might have thought, give insight into the eggs from Pokemon GO and doesn't have a huge amount on offer. For those that enjoy clicker games however, this is worth trying out and it is free.


  • Gives Pokemon fans a quick and fun game to play around with on their device, without having to leave the house.
  • Offers a variety of different clicks to make the different eggs feel either rarer or more common depending on how long it takes them to hatch.
  • Has a PokeDex on offer to give players the ability to collect them all, just like the original games do.


  • Doesn't appear to offer players much more besides the whole clicking thing, which will leave some people a little disappointed.
  • PokeDex doesn't have much in the way of information, and only provides an image and their name.

Overall, Simulator for PokeEgg is the sort of game that might only appeal to a certain audience, but it's a game that will certainly give those players at least something to do. It does definitely need some more features, and the clicker gameplay will get repetitive after a time, but it can be quite addictive and there are people out there that enjoy these sorts of games, and will enjoy this as well.

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