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Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack is an Android game that takes inspiration from something we use every day; our lock screens. It's a puzzle game that challenges players to complete puzzles using a swipe and connect method, just like matching a pattern on a secure lock screen. It's a simple yet challenging puzzle game that asks players to connect the neon dots together in a certain sequence to make sure they light up the right color and match the example provided. It's addictive in that it challenges players to think hard in order to get the sequence figured out and to progress to the next level. A great game for puzzle game fans, let's take a closer look at what Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack has to offer, shall we?

Just as with other Android games, users can download Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack from the Play Store and then fire her up to get started. Those with an iOS device can download it from the iTunes App Store here, too.

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This is a free game, but like many free games out there, it relies on ads and in-app purchases to make its money. This is fine for the most part, but I was put off a little bit by the first fullscreen ad before I had even actually started playing the game. Regardless of the ads, users can choose the first section of levels to get started, and there is thankfully a level that just teaches people how to play.

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The levels come in the form of different packs, with eight of them being available across 500 levels, and it appears as though the Glow Pack is included at first, which is where players will be taught how to play the game. The controls are super-simple, with players only needing to drag two different points together in order to get them to glow the right color.


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The levels do start off fairly easy, but it's when the game introduces the second color where things start to become more difficult. This means that players need to join this circle once again, effectively forcing players to hit the spot twice in order to get it to change color.

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Quickly, this mechanic starts to become quite challenging, and this is where much of the head-scratching while playing Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack can be found. Here for instance, I was unsure of how to actually get the dots to all match up to the example shown above.

2016-08-01 10.02.11

As players progress further through the game, things become a hell of a lot more difficult, and with so many combinations and paths to take, it's not hard to see how some players might find this a very real challenge.


Neon Swipe- Pattern Lock Hack difficult

Of course, there's also the gratification that comes with beating the level and progressing even further into the game. There's no rating or whatever here, you have to either complete the puzzle or not to succeed or fail at the level, and you can always restart the level if you've made too many wrong moves and can't work your way back.

Neon Swipe- Pattern Lock Hack finished


After spending quite some time with the game, it's pretty easy to see why there will be some players that will really take to the game, and also others that might find it a little difficult. I was one of those in the latter group, as I struggled to get my brain to think in the manner that Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack clearly wanted me to. This is, of course, part of the game's fun and no game is going to be as easy as we like them to be, otherwise we wouldn't have much of a challenge to satisfy us. With 500 different levels across the 8 different categories, there's a lot of value here, and given how tough the game can be, it should keep the majority of players hooked for some time to come. The graphics are good-looking and yet simple and easily-understood at the same time, and there's so much to like about the game that it's hard not to recommend this to players, especially those looking for another great puzzle game on Android.


  • Speed (4/5) – Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack runs well and the pacing of the game is left entirely to the players, which a lot of people will enjoy, too.
  • Theme (4/5) – While not the best-looking game out there, Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack has a lot going for it and the colorful patterns are recognizable as well as good-looking, making this an accessible game for players of all ages.
  • Features (4/5) – It's a classic puzzle game that has been updated to attract modern audiences, and this is the sort of approach a lot of casual gamers and hardcore puzzle fans will really enjoy. It players well, looks good and doesn't ask too much of the player.
  • Overall (4/5) – Despite the fact that Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack will appear as a simple puzzle game to some people, there's a lot on offer here and it's a deceptively, addictively, difficult game that will please casual gamers and otherwise alike.


  • Doesn't ask players too much in order to get stuck into the game, as the controls are super-easy to get to grips with and the concept easily-understood.
  • Tough challenge will suit players looking for a puzzle game to them occupied for some time to come, without being too difficult.
  • With 500 different levels across 8 different categories, there's certainly no shortage of things to do here in Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack.
  • Works great on practically any smartphone out there, as well as tablets for some casual gaming that can be relaxing or challenging depending on your skill level.


  • Some of the fullscreen ads and such might be offputting for some players out there.
  • Might be a little too difficult for players that are totally new to this sort of gameplay.

Neon Swipe: Pattern Lock Hack is a great puzzle game that channels classic game play of older puzzle games, combined with a newer look and feel. Using the designs we see in our lock screens is also a good way of creating a laid back and relaxed atmosphere for the game, without being too laid back or coming close to being cheesey.

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