Sponsored Game Review: EatMe.io


EatMe.io is an action-based game that has one goal and one goal only. Eat or be eaten. On the face of it, that's what you'll be attempting to do the entire you time you play but when you really dive in there's a little more to it than that. The idea is to swim around the ocean and see how many fish you can eat (you yourself being a fish) before the timer runs out, but things aren't as simple as they seem. Naturally, there are other fish in the sea and there is always someone bigger, so you'll have to keep your fins on a swivel to prevent being eaten by others that are larger than you. The game looks good and starts off enjoyable, so let's see what else it has to offer, shall we?

EatMe.io is a game that everyone can enjoy so it's fun for all ages. Before you can get in on the fun, though, you'll need to head to the Play Store and download EatMe.io to start playing.

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First things first, EatMe.io provides you with a nifty little tutorial to get you acquainted with how to play, and there are many games which don't do this so it was refreshing to see it implemented. The game starts off with asking you to name your fish, then pick a control type, which consists of either tap to move or a virtual touchpad.

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Once you have that covered, you can dive right into the action and learn the ropes of the game. There are multiple levels that you can unlock which are labeled as fishbowls, and in game you'll be swimming around the fishbowl trying to eat the floating green dots that are laden throughout. As you eat more and grow larger you'll eventually be able to try and eat other fish, which is the main goal.


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There are ways to help you move around faster and eat more as well as avoid being eaten, and these will be controlled by the two buttons on the left side with one being for splitting into two more fish that move quicker and eventually merge back into one larger fish, and the fish poop button (no joke) to help you run away.

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Gameplay is multiplayer which means you'll be playing alongside other players, and the more fish you eat the better ranking you'll get on the leaderboards. The more fish you eat the better your score gets as well, which can attribute to how many coins you'll receive at the end of a match to spend on useful in-game items.

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You'll also have daily rewards and login bonuses, and daily tasks to complete to give you incentive to play the game more. The more you play the more experience you'll also get, allowing you to level up and upgrade your fish stats. There are multiple fish to unlock too, some having unique abilities.


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Although EatMe.io is a free game, there is an in-game shop with available in-app purchases, although these are optional and are not required to play and have fun.



When it comes down to it, EatMe.io is a good bit of fun and it has some pretty decent graphics that make it more enjoyable. The audio also helps to immerse you a little into the theme of the gameplay and matches quite well with the overall ocean theme. The game is easy to learn and challenging to master, but it never once felt like it was too difficult to play, and being that it's multiplayer it offered up a nice level of competition to see who could be the biggest and baddest fish in the fishbowl. With quite a few elements to the game and a handful of things to try and unlock like different fish, fishbowls and fish tanks, there's tons of replay value beyond the multiplayer aspect of it.


  • Speed (5/5) – The game runs nice and smooth, it opened up quickly, and getting right into gameplay didn't take long at all.
  • Theme (4.5/5) – The overall theme is great and you really feel like you're in an aquatic setting. The music is a nice touch.
  • Features (5/5) – There was a decent amount of features here from unlocking new fish and fishbowls, to climbing the leaderboards.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – EatMe.io is a nice well-rounded game with pretty decent graphics, fun gameplay, and it's easy to learn meaning everyone should be able to pick it up.


  • Tutorial at the beginning to help you learn gameplay mechanics
  • Unlockable fish and fishbowls
  • In-App purchases are not required to play and progress
  • Fun multiplayer gameplay


  • The virtual touch pad did not want to respond sometimes, causing movement to stop or slow.

In the end, EatMe.io is a pretty fun game that has a family-friendly theme to it, making it great for everyone to play. Although it already starts off strong the game still has plenty of potential to improve even more which is kind of the best part. The competitive aspect to climb up the leaderboards will challenge everyone to best their opponents, and you can even link the game with Facebook and play with friends too, if you're so inclined. On top of this, EatMe.io is free.