Sponsored App Review: Rainy Day Rewards


Rainy Day Rewards is listed as an entertainment app, but that doesn't classify what it does for you. Essentially it helps you earn free stuff from popular places like Amazon, free rewards from PayPal, Google Play, Walmart and more. It's not the only app of it's kind, but it's certainly one of the nicer options that are available and seems to function nicely while also offering up engaging content and letting people earn towards the things they love. Let's go ahead and take a closer look at Rainy Day Rewards and see all that it has to offer new and existing users alike.

Before you can get started with earning rewards, you'll need to have the app on your device. To do this simply head to the Play Store and install Rainy Day Rewards.

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Upon opening the app, you're first greeted with the login screen. You'll need to login before you can use the app, and you login through Facebook before continuing. Once the login process is over which takes just a few seconds, you're taken to the home screen which shows off loads of different ways to earn rewards.

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Rewards are actually redeemed by earning points, and you can earn points through various means and different amounts depending on the task.


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The home screen features three different tabs that you can switch between. These include the offers screen, a videos screen, and the featured screen. Offers lists off various ways to earn points by installing apps through services like TapJoy and Supersonic.

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The videos tab allows you to watch videos to earn points as well and the feature tab will have a selection of apps to install or tasks to complete. You can also earn points by taking surveys.

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You can also earn rewards by inviting friends through social networks like Twitter, Facebook, email, and SMS. You'll end up earning 20 points for every friend you refer that joins the app so there is incentive to refer as many people as possible.


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Once you've racked up a bunch of points you'll be able to start redeeming all the rewards that are available, which includes things like $40 worth of PayPal cash, gift cards for Walmart, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, and others.

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You can also view your rewards history if you have already redeemed rewards in the past, and this could come in handy if you're consistently trying to rack up multiple rewards of the same gift card and forget how much you have already redeemed.

Rainy Day Rewards is a fairly simple app to use. There are no special instructions or complex methods to anything. You simply sign in, start accepting the available offers or installing the various apps that are listed, and you'll points for all of it. Once you have earned enough points you can redeem items like gift cards which can be spent on things you need, or you can save up and splurge on a big purchase you may have wanted for a while. It's a great way to get some of the things that you want without having to spend your own hard-earned money.


  • Speed (4/5) – The app opens up pretty quickly and functions just fine without any issues.
  • Themes (4/5) – The UI is clean and simple with no frills and it does incorporate some Material Design elements.
  • Features (4/5) – It contains enough to keep people interested in using it as you really don't have to do much to earn points.
  • Overall (4/5) – Rainy Day Rewards is definitely a nice little app and an easy way to earn free stuff.


  • Multiple ways to earn points
  • Compelling rewards like PayPal Cash and gift cards
  • You can earn points through surveys
  • Easy to use


  • Facebook being the only option for a login will limit some users as they may not have a Facebook account and may not want to set one up just to the use the app. Having said that, the next update to the app will include the option to log in with a Google account, providing another option to users.

Overall, there are few simpler ways to earn rewards and use those rewards to get the things you want. Whether it's a new song on iTunes, a new app, game, or media content on Google Play, or just some stuff off of Amazon, using Rainy Day Rewards consistently and over time will earn you enough points to redeem these things. It's an easy to use app that you can quickly go through and spend 5-10 minutes each day interacting with, and then go about your day. If you're looking for a way to earn rewards, Rainy Day Rewards can help you get closer to some of the things you want.