Sponsored App Review: Print Photos Easy To Use In 1h


Print photos Easy To Use In 1h is the official Walgreens photo application that lets you set the pictures on your device that you'd like to order physical prints for and have them ready to go for pick up in just an hour. It's a simple, fast, and convenient way to get photo prints of the pictures you want to have made into something that you can either place inside a photo album or have on display for others to see around the home. Instead of going down to the store and beginning the process, you can select everything you want before you leave, then proceed to either finish other errands while you wait or just relax before you go pick up your photos. It seems simple enough to use, so let's check out the rest of the app shall we?

While there is really no easier way to set up photos you want printed to have ready for pickup in an hour, before you can get started with the process, you'll install the Walgreens photo app from the Play Store.

Walgreens photo app (2)


As soon as you open up the application you're placed right on the main photos page, which will have all of your photos stored on your device that you can cycle through and select. The app also pops up a quick tips panel.

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There are also other tabs or categories you can pick from if you want to narrow down your selections. For example, there is an "all" tab which lists off Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, and Google photos in addition to the My Device photos and My Device albums that you can select. To view those photos in the app which are tied to social networks, you'll need to link those accounts to the Walgreens photo app. In addition to the all tab, there is also a tab for Albums.


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The last tab is called "Awesome Photobook" which is a collection of a few different apps which can be tied into this one, allowing you to create a photo book of your selected pictures, printed cards, and collages, all of which have download buttons that lead right to the Play Store.

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Once you have your pictures selected, there is a buy button down at the bottom of the screen which will take you to your cart to checkout. The cart button also lists your total price for the photos you want printed so you know what you'll be paying before you actually get to the checkout screen.

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Upon selecting each photo you'll be able choose the size of the print you want, which includes options for 4 x 4, 5 x 7, 8 x 8, and 8 x 10. This screen also allows you to crop the image and add filters so it looks just the way you want it before printing, and lastly right before checkout you can select the Walgreens location where you want to pick up the prints.


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On the checkout screen you can see all of the photos you've picked and see a watermark of the picture size that you've chosen. This screen also allows you to select how many you want of each photo print, so if you're printing some to send off to family for example, you can select multiples of a certain picture.

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In the overflow menu you'll find an easy option to empty the cart if you decide you don't want to order any of the prints you've selected, and there is also a button here to see your order history for your orders that you've already placed.

If you like to have photo prints in addition to your digital pictures, then this really couldn't be an easier app to use for the process. It makes selecting pictures extremely simple and getting them printed is a quick process too. With multiple options for editing and print size, as well as a way to track your order status and see your past order history, the app has enough to make using it a breeze.


  • Speed (5/5) – The app opened up quickly, loaded images quickly, and there was no immediate sign-in process to go through.
  • Theme (4/5) – The UI is nice looking and the app is easy to navigate.
  • Features (4/5) – The app has some decent features, like the ability to choose from different print sizes and add filters to photos.
  • Overall (4/5) – A great and easy app for ordering prints of pictures that you've taken with your smartphone.


  • Quick prints
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple size print options
  • Order History


  • Some users might find it confusing or may not like that the additional apps have to be downloaded for things like photobook, collagio, etc., as opposed to having those features baked in. Having these options is nice though and they are easy enough to install.

Overall, Print Photos Easy To Use in 1h is a decent little app for ordering prints of your pictures. Whether you don't have very much internal storage on your device and want to preserve the photos you've taken before clearing out some space, or simply want to have prints to send to others, or simply add physical pictures to a photo album, the app makes it easy to select the pictures you want and place the order. Of course, the best part is that they're available for pickup in an hour from a local Walgreens store. If you're looking for an app that make it easy to print the photos you take with your smartphone, this one is worth a look.