Sponsored App Review: Lucky Calendar


Lucky Calendar is an Android app that's designed to make it easy and fun for people to get access to their Horoscopes for the current day, certain times of the day as well as the rest of the month, and even the rest of the year. With this app, users can place a homescreen widget on their launchers to make sure they get access to the right, scientific information whenever and wherever they might need som guidance. It's a lightweight and simple app that doesn't take up too long to get used to and there are all sorts of helpful hints about what to look out for throughout your day, week or month according to your Horoscope. No matter whether or not you're an aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius, or pisces Lucky Calendar is designed with you in mind.

Those that believe in paying attention to their Horoscope will first need to download Lucky Calendar from the Play Store. It's not a free app, and there doesn't appear to be a free version available, but paying for the app upfront does ensure that there are no ads or any in-app purchases or anything like that. Once downloaded, Lucky Calendar gets to business right away.

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Lucky Calendar of course needs to know your Date of Birth, as it needs to understand which starsign you are. I'm a Pisces, and rather than having to tell the app that, it figured this out on its own, but then again we'd expect as much. The whole point of Lucky Calendar is to essentially tell you whether or not you're going to be lucky on a particular day. To that end, Lucky Calendar will give you a look at your day, and break it up into chunks to let you know your fate during those times of the day.

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While Lucky Calendar has an in-depth view of the day, it also has a quick and simple overview of the entire day, which is nice to glance at on the way to work, or having a quick cup of coffee before you start the day.


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As I said, I'm a Pisces, and it's nice and easy to use Lucky Calendar to take a look at my overall report for the day depending on just my starsign.

Lucky Calendar Pisces


Lucky Calendar does this for all starsigns, and makes it nice and simple to quickly switch to another, to look up something for your friend, for instance.

Lucky Calendar Starsigns

As this is an app designed to be some sort of calendar, it's no surprise that the app has a quick overview of the whole month for users to take a quick look at. Using the legend at the bottom of the display, users can get an idea for what sort of month they're in store for, and when that particular day comes around, they can get an in-depth look as we showed off above.


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On top of all of this, users can choose a particular date to not only see that date in the Lunar Calendar, but also see what's in store for them, allowing them to take a look at particular occassions, holidays and so on.

Lucky Calendar change day


Lucky Calendar isn't the first app out there to do something like this for those that want to read their Horoscope, and it won't be the last. However, what Lucky Calendar does have going for it is the fact that it's so nice and easy to use. It's got a clean and good-looking interface that, aside from a few issues with English spelling and grammar, is colorful and easy to use no matter what. The main objective for those looking at their Horoscope is to see whether or not today is going to be a good day, as well as get an overview of the month ahead and even further afield. Lucky Calendar does just that in a simple, good-looking Android app that also features a neat and handy homescreen widget and it does so without any pesky ads or in-app purchases. Some of the guidance seems to be repeated and it could do with a few more features to warrant the asking price, but other than that it has a glot on offer, even if it is the sort of app that's only going to be appreciated by those that believe in checking their Horoscope on a regular basis.


  • Speed (4/5) – The Lucky Calendar app runs well and it's super-quick to use in the morning or in the evening, whether or not you want more or less information.
  • Theme (4/5) – Despite some issues with spelling and grammar here and there, Lucky Calendar looks good and the interface is easy enough for the majority of users, no matter how au fait they are with Android.
  • Features (4/5) – This is certainly the sort of app that will appeal to a select audience, but it's one that serves that audience quite well, and ensures that they get the information they want in a way that few other apps have to offer.
  • Overall (4/5) – It might not be perfect, and could do with a few extra features here and there, but this is the sort of app that will appeal to Horoscope fans the world over and it's nice to see someone taking a different approach to Horoscopes on mobile.


  • Doesn't ask much of the user, as it's super-simple and easy to use no matter how tech-savvy the user is.
  • Good-looking user interface will appeal to Horoscope fans out there, and it's simple to use.
  • Offers day, week and monthly looks at your Horoscope as well as hourly fews throughout the day to help users even further.
  • Gives all kinds of users the opportunity to check their Horoscope in a new way on mobile, without being too stuffy or hardcore in the long run.


  • Might be considered a little pricey for some users, especially given that some of the advice sayins are reused a lot.
  • Spelling and grammar issues here and there will put some users off in the long run.

While Lucky Calendar is not the sort of app that will appeal to everyone, it has a lot to offer its target audience and with a little polish here and there, it could become one of the more appealing and fully-featured Horoscope apps on Android. Giving users a chance at a daily, weekly or monthly view at their Horoscope, this is the sort of app that will prove invaluable for some users.