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Madfinger Games is a name that will undoubtedly go down in mobile gaming history as one of the companies that helped to bring mobile gaming out of the dark ages where mobile titles were severely scaled down, and most games available were just casual time wasters. Their action-packed Samurai series, the boundary-pushing Shadowgun series and the mindlessly fun Dead Trigger series helped to bring mainstream console-style gaming to the mobile space. When NVIDIA introduced their Tegra processor lineup, they debuted it alongside a special game market that persisted until the Tegra 4 days, when Tegra made the jump to specialized hardware and the line between console and mobile began to blur. Many of Madfinger's titles got special treatment or extra content on NVIDIA Tegra processors. NVIDIA's SHIELD TV, driven by an uber-powerful Tegra X1 processor with a 192-core graphics processing unit, seems like the natural home for the newest game in the Shadowgun series.

Like all of the Shadowgun games before it, Shadowgun Legends is a futuristic shooter with some amazing graphics. This time around, you won't be looking over your character's shoulder, however – this one is a first person shooter, which provides a change of pace and perhaps even opens things up to VR compatibility in the future. Story-wise, this game takes place from the eyes of the main body of the Shadowgun unit, rather than your own original in-universe character or grizzled old hand John Slade.

The real special sauce here, however, is the transition to a more console-like experience. The controls have been adapted to a controller, and the entire game has been beautifully optimized to take advantage of NVIDIA's Tegra X1 processor, found inside the SHIELD TV. While this means that no other devices can play the game, it also means that the game will run great and be absolutely beautiful. Particle effects, surfaces, rain, and all the other high-end trappings of a console shooter are here in full force, along with beautiful environment and character designs. The hard-hitting graphics, combined with Shadowgun's unique brand of frantic action converted to a faster, crazier first-person form, promise to provide an experience unlike anything else out there. The game will be dropping some time in 2017, and as the date draws closer, Madfinger will release more information.


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