Samsung's Cloud Together Joins Dropbox, Drive and OneDrive


While we're now able to put huge amounts of storage into our smartphones, with microSD cards up to 200GB readily available and devices like the Galaxy Note 7 shipping with 64GB as standard, we still find ourselves needing more. For years now, cloud storage has been the option that many have taken to get access to more storage, and there are now many options open to users. Most Android users will be using Drive, but Dropbox and Microsoft's OneDrive platform have become popular, too. While they each offer their own different features, as well as different amounts of free storage, it can be a pain bouncing from one to the other all of the time. For Samsung users at least, the South Korean firm has an answer for this; Samsung Cloud Together.

Cloud Together is an Android app that allows users to sign in to Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive all in the one app and swap files between the three using a dual-pane file browser interface. This makes it much easier for users with multiple cloud storage accounts for whatever reasons to get access to all of them in one place. The use cases for this sort of thing are pretty strong as well, as a lot of users might use, say, Dropbox for their personal stuff but then use OneDrive for business and work stuff. Samsung's Cloud Together app allows one to talk to the other, without the need to swap apps or whatever else. Once users have connected the three accounts together, the app allows them to freely swap and copy files and documents between the three without any hassle.

On top of that, Cloud Together also allows users to securely lock sensitive images stored in these services, and then also unlock them using the app to view said photos. The app appears to only be available in the Galaxy Apps in certain regions, and it hasn't hit the Play Store just yet. That means that those with a Samsung device – it's unconfirmed as to whether or not it works on other models just yet – will need to download the APK by hitting the button below.

Download Samsung Cloud Together

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