Samsung Taiwan Releases Ad For The Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 S Pen Underwater

With the launch of the Samsung’s upcoming flagship phablet for the year, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fast approaching, leaks and rumors have been pouring in over the months but with few of them being officially confirmed by Samsung. However, a new video posted by Samsung Mobile Taiwan on YouTube seems to hint at a couple of things. First, the launch date of the much awaited device will be on the 5th of August and second, the device will feature a waterproof build.

In the 15-second ad posted by Samsung Mobile Taiwan, bubbles can be seen floating upwards and a gurgling sound, much like the sound of water being poured, can be heard throughout the window. This seems like another hint that the device will be waterproof up to a certain degree and will likely feature an IP68 rating which will enable the device to be submerged underwater up 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes without taking any damage. This will make the Samsung Note 7 to be the first device in the Note series to feature such capabilities. Before this ad showed up, Samsung Mobile Korea posted an ad which offered some clues and teasers, confirming the inclusion of a fingerprint scanner and also shows off a new pattern lock screen option. The ad also showcased the waterproof capabilities of the upcoming smartphone. While features of the device were teased in both videos, the body of the device itself does not make an appearance in either videos.

The 5th of August launch date in the video is most likely for the Taiwanese market as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is said to be unveiled on 2nd of August during Samsung’s “Unpacked” event. The event is to be held in New York City. As to why the device will be called the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 instead of the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, Samsung wants to bring its Galaxy Note lineup in line with the Galaxy S lineup, most probably to avoid confusion among consumers. With just a day to go to the start of Samsung’s Unpacked event, the hype for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is at its highest and one can only expect the South Korean electronics giant to pack top of the line specs into one of the most awaited devices of the year. The ad by Samsung Taiwan can be viewed below.