Samsung Spin-Off 'IOFIT' Smart Golf Shoes Hit Kickstarter

IOFIT, a Samsung spin-off company, has just released their smart golf shoe for pre-sale on Kickstarter, offering players and anyone who wants to learn how to play golf like a pro the opportunity to analyze their data in ways they haven't been able to before, simply because they didn't have the technology. The main benefits of IOFIT's smart golf shoes are found in the integrated sensors that are built into the sole. After pairing the shoes with the smartphone app for IOFIT, players can hit the golf course or driving range and the shoes will begin to analyze key positions of the swing and feed that information back to the connected device so it can be viewed later.

While the integrated sensors are the main component in delivering the IOFIT's capabilities, the shoes are also waterproof and durable so they can be worn and used in various conditions including in and around sand as well as in wet grass without having to worry about damaging the sensors inside. The shoes provide a complete swing analysis letting players access data like balance, weight shift, tempo, and more. After each swing is analyzed and then the data is compiled in the app, the app is able to provide immediate evaluation to players for real-time coaching which is aimed at helping people perform better and improving their swing as well as their overall golf game.

The shoes are built to be breathable and provide excellent traction with the outsole, and they come in a "classic" as well as a "sport" option with multiple colors available so there is some variety to the design. The shoes also have a five-day battery life if used on average for up to two hours per day, while using them more than two hours per day is possible but will result in a shorter battery life before needing a recharge. The app will pair with the sensors in the shoe via Bluetooth and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and it offers the option for players to record videos of their swing through the "video sync" feature in addition to measuring their swing data. The app also lets you compare your swing to pro players and it offers a level of social features, as it's designed to allowing sharing swing information with friends and coaches. The shoes are available now on Kickstarter and can be picked up starting at $189 for the super early bird pledge price.


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