Samsung Notes on the Galaxy Note 7 to Hit Older Notes Soon


For the past four years now, we've seen Samsung release a new Galaxy Note device during the second half of the year, and 2016 has been no exception. Towards the beginning of August, Samsung introduced the new Galaxy Note 7, and it's now availableĀ on shelves pretty much everywhere, with those that pre-ordered the phone having gotten it early in some cases. As is the case each and every year, this year's Galaxy Note offers substantial upgrades on the inside, such as a powerful Snapdragon 820 and 4GB of RAM, but it also brings with it some improved software on the note taking side of things. This isn't surprising, but what is nice to hear is that Samsung will be offering these features to older Galaxy Note devices in the near future.

We covered the new features that the S Pen and the Galaxy Note 7 offers users in the above video, but Samsung is now highlighting them themselves on their Samsung Tomorrow blog. The new Samsung Notes application, as Samsung happily points out, is full of new features and new pen types to offers users one of the most complete experiences yet. For those that like the look of a fountain pen for instance, the Samsung Notes app has that, and for artists there's a nice arrangement of brushes, including an oil paintbrush for better colors and a great pencil for sketching. With a simple UI that gets out of the way while working or drawing, Samsung Notes has a lot on offer as well as a search feature which will read handwritten notes as well as those typed out.


For Galaxy Note 7 users, this is the first note app they'll be using on their device no doubt, but once it comes down to older Galaxy Note devices, users will be able to import from S Note and S Memo as well. Samsung doesn't give a timeframe for when the new Samsung Notes app will be available for older devices, or if it will hit the Play Store or come as an update, but the fact that they've confirmed it is coming should keep a few Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note 5 users happy for a little while longer.

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