Samsung LEVEL Active Availability Info Confirmed By Samsung


Samsung has today released details, availability and pricing of the new Samsung LEVEL Active wireless Bluetooth headphones. These are going on sale in Europe, Chinese, Turkey, Russia, Korea and the United States of America. In the US, the headphones are $99 and will be shipped inside the next three days. The LEVEL Active is a wireless, Bluetooth-enabled headset designed for exercise and outdoor activities. As one would expect from a pair of earphones like this, the LEVEL Active is splash and sweat resistant. Samsung have coated the inside of the the earphones with an "ultra-thin P2i nano-coating," which protects the sensitive electronics from liquid damage. The device comes with a rechargeable battery and a MicroUSB port.

For comfort, Samsung have given the LEVEL Active soft silicon earhooks, which wrap over the whole ear to keep the earphones comfortably in place. The device comes with two pairs of wingtips designed for optimum comfort. Finally, there are small, medium and large in-ear eartips available, meaning that customers should be able to get a good fit with the LEVEL Active earphones. Samsung note that the eartips are designed to block noise.

In use, the LEVEL Active may be paired with most Bluetooth-enabled smartphones. This provides customers with the ability to play and pause audio, change tracks and control the volume. However, in order to get the most from the earphones, Samsung recommends customers download the latest version of the Samsung Level application from either the Galaxy Apps store or the Google Play Store. This extra application enables several advanced features of the earphones including the ability to manage notifications on the device. The Level application provides customers with the user manual, battery and notification status and control over the Active key. When it comes to notifications, customers are able to control what the earphones alert them with – it's possible to limit notifications to only incoming calls and alarms or enable everything. The Active key is where customers can configure their LEVEL Active earphones to monitor their workout. This can connect the Clock, Timer or S Health application to the LEVEL Active device; should the S Health be connected, the application asks what kind of workout giving the customer the choice to record running, cycling, hiking or walking. The earphones can be told to play back the results such as the exercise time and distance moved.


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