Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Support Mix & Match Icons & Themes

Since the Galaxy S6, Samsung has made a theme store available to flagship Galaxy device owners. The theme store features a number of themes that act much like the themes in Xiaomi's MIUI or custom ROMs with theme engines, letting users apply a custom look for a large number of system elements, like the settings, default Samsung apps, and of course, the home screen. These themes normally come with an icon set assigned to each theme and locked in. Some users, however, felt that this wasn't the best way to go, and wanted to mix and match their themes and icons. With the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is implementing just such a feature in the theme store.

Grace UX's theme store is broken down into three sections. Wallpapers, themes, and icons all have their own sequestered pieces of the theme store, allowing users to mix and match them in any way they please. This means that combining a nature theme with a rustic icon set, or a space theme with a futuristic icon set are all a go, as are any other combinations that users may find to their fancy. Live wallpapers in the theme store can also be mixed in, allowing for a degree of customization bordering on a custom ROM and Nova Launcher, and handily beating out just about every other skin out there for customization aside from MIUI, long famed for its customization options.

While any phone with root privileges could technically use an app like Layers or Substratum to throw some colors over their phone's stock theme, this umbrella doesn't quite cover all Samsung phones, and forces users to trade things like Android Pay for customization. With this new feature, users will be able to achieve about the highest level of customization possible in the current market without rooting their device. It is unknown if or when this feature could make its way down the line to other Samsung devices, but since the feature is integrated into the theme store, it's not a stretch to think that any device with access to the theme store could get this feature at some point in the future.

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