Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Owners Get 15GB Samsung Cloud Storage


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has finally passed through the rumor stage and into the announced stage. While interested consumers will still have to wait a couple of weeks to physically get their hands on the latest smartphone from Samsung, the details of what will be on offer with the Galaxy Note 7 have now largely been confirmed. While most of the confirmed specs do seem to be in line with the rumored ones, there are a couple of notable added features which are worth paying attention to.

One of the most interesting is the announcement of 'Samsung Cloud'. The details on this are still quite light but it seems that Samsung Cloud will look to be a highly-tuned and easy to use way to backup all of your phone's content and reinstall the same content on your current device or a new one, easily. In many ways, it will work like the company's already existing Smart Switch service, which makes it easy to transfer files from one phone to another, but this cloud-version will work to a greater degree and presumably, will be able to maintain more frequent snapshots of your phone, its data and contents, in case of any issues that might arise.

It is presumed that Samsung Cloud will become available to other Samsung device owners in due course, although Samsung has confirmed that those who purchase the newly-announced Galaxy Note 7 will receive 15GB of Samsung Cloud space for free. This does naturally lead to the assumption that other Samsung device owners (or Galaxy Note 7 owners who want more storage) will have to pay for the luxury. Although, at the moment it is still unclear what the benefits (other than backing up) of using Samsung Cloud will be. For instance, whether you can store anything you want in Samsung Cloud or whether this will be just more of a Smart Switch upgrade and not for daily (and normal) cloud usage. Either way, if you are planning on buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, you can expect to receive 15GB of Samsung Cloud storage, along with everything else Samsung will be offering during the initial launch period.

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