Samsung Details Galaxy Note 7 Security Benefits In New Video

Samsung Iris Scanner

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will be aware that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is arriving any day now. In tow are features that Samsung wants the public to know about as they are clearly reasons consumers will want to purchase the Galaxy Note 7. As such, it should be expected that in due course, a range of videos from Samsung promoting the latest handset will come through and some already have. The latest one Samsung is pushing is a video on the security features of the Note 7. As consumers are asking more of their smartphones every year – they are no longer solely used for talking, texting, or looking at your kid’s pictures – including banking, storing credit cards, and making mobile purchases with…this makes security imperative.

Security is one area where the new Galaxy Note 7 does shine, even over its predecessors. For starters, on the software side, it has Knox 2.7 which significantly improves its security. One key feature baked into the Note 7 this year is the new biometric iris scanner which is thought to be much more secure than fingerprints. The technology behind the iris scanner is complex, but setting it up on the Note 7 is quick and easy. It is also a much faster way to unlock your Note 7, although you do need to remove your glasses to set it up and use the feature.

What is interesting about the iris scanner is that it allows you to do much more than unlocking the Note 7. If you use Samsung’s browser, there are many websites that you can unlock or sign in to by using just your eyes. What about the new Secure Folder on the Note 7 – you can move items to that folder that you want only your eyes to see, and the iris scanner gives you secure access to that folder. By moving special items or relevant documents to the Secure Folder, if anybody picks up your unlocked device, they will have no access to view your secure folder. For those interested in knowing more, you can check out the new video in full below.