Samsung Adds Blue Light Filter Setting On Galaxy Note 7

As it turns out, Samsung has added a Blue light filter setting on the Galaxy Note 7, allowing users of the device to enable the display to filter out Blue light so that less of it is emitted from the screen. The main goal here is to help users reduce the amount of eye strain that can occur from staring at the device screen too long, and although not all Blue light is filtered out, it is significantly reduced. Too much Blue light can also be a typical cause of the sleep issues that many people encounter as it can result in having a more difficult time falling asleep if the screen is used too close to bedtime.

This would not be the first time that a device has had the capability to filter out Blue light, as there are many apps such as f.lux that already offer this if installed, and devices such as Amazon's most recent line of Fire tablets have a similar option built-in as well. It would be the first Samsung flagship device to have it integrated though, and this will put it on par with Google's native Android offering as Android 7.0 Nougat devices are set up for a Blue light filter too.

To access this feature users will need to navigate to the settings menu on the device, and then head into display settings where the Blue light toggle will be sitting just below the brightness slider bar. The brightness bar is the first thing users will see once they enter the display settings menu so there won't be any need for scrolling to find the Blue light toggle, however, toggling the Blue light filter on and off can be even simpler and more efficient as there is also a quick settings button for it. If users expect to be enabling it often enough they can do so from the quick settings menu on the device. The Blue light filter that is built into the Galaxy Note 7 is fairly basic with just a simple on/off switch, but if you're looking for something more robust with a little more customization and control, something like the above-mentioned f.lux or a number of other third-party app offerings may suffice.

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