Samsung Ad Touts Entertainment Chops Of The Galaxy Note 7

Galaxy Note 7 Proper NS AH 22

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was just announced back on August 2nd, and they have a new ad out touting the entertainment chops of the device. While it was likely already accepted as an entertainment-friendly smartphone by many enthusiasts and Samsung fans, the company has decided to highlight these features and key aspects of the phone to make it more aware as to why the Galaxy Note 7 is the perfect device for enjoying entertainment, whether that entertainment is games, movies, TV, recording video or any of the other possibilities. The short but sweet ad spot is just under a minute and a half long, and is one of a string of videos which feature well-known tech reviewer Jonathan Morrison for the voice of the person talking about all the highlights.

These videos are part of an “Official: Hands-on” series of ads that Samsung is putting out to shed light on all of the various benefits of the new Galaxy Note 7, and unlike standard commercials they aim to give the viewer a more natural and honest feel as they’re in the hands of a consumer. The idea it seems is to make them sound like a tech review video and that comes likely across just as Samsung was hoping.

While the video does point out some of the major entertainment-heavy elements of the phone such as the 5.7-inch WQHD screen and the software that’s paired with it to deliver a vibrant viewing experience, it also points some other Samsung products like the Backpack battery case for the Galaxy Note 7, the S View cover that also doubles as a kickstand, and the Gear 360 camera. The video also highlights things like waterproofing which are less of an entertainment feature than anything else that was pointed out, but still very much a useful trait of the device because accidents can happen. This entertainment video joins four other Hands-on videos that have been published so far, including an unboxing, a video on the S Pen, a video which highlights the benefits of the Galaxy Note 7 security improvements and features, and a Phone+ video which focuses on the various accessories you can pair with the phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been available pre-order since earlier this month, and the device officially goes on sale at carriers and retailers around the globe starting tomorrow.