Rumor: Huawei Nova Is A Phone For Women & Launching At IFA


An interesting rumor is doing the rounds today which suggests that at this year's IFA event in Berlin, Huawei might introduce a new smartphone, one which is currently being dubbed the Huawei NOVA. While there has already been rumors alluding to the possible launch of a new Huawei smartphone at this year's event (with many expecting the Huawei Mate 9 to be the smartphone that is debuted), this particular smartphone is said to come with a unique selling point – it will marketed towards women, specifically.

Now, what that actually means is anyone's guess. However, if Huawei was to bring a smartphone aimed at women to market, they would not be the first to do so. A number of companies already have announced similar smartphones that are said to be 'designed for women' including the recently announced Keecoo K1 smartphone. More pertinent to this particular rumor though, Huawei has already brought products to market which were indeed aimed towards female buyers. As they did release two variants of the Huawei Watch at CES this year, Elegant and Jewel. A point which obviously does mean that Huawei has some precedent in releasing women-oriented products and which in turn, does inevitable lend some support to this particular rumor.

However, this is still only a rumor at the moment there is very little known about the possible Huawei NOVA. The information itself came from a posting on Weibo which has since been deleted. Whether the deleting of the post does mean the information provided is untrue, incorrect or was simply revealed a little earlier than it should have been, remains to be seen. Although, the information did come accompanied by the image you can see below. One of the obvious assumptions being made of the image is that the phone might come with a bigger volume rocker than you would find on other smartphones. To add more intrigue to this particular rumor, while nothing is really known about the smartphone, the 'Huawei Nova" is a product that Huawei has already announced. Although, it was not a smartphone, it was a 16nm FinFET 64-bit networking chip. So maybe what is more likely is that Huawei is releasing a new smartphone at IFA which could be aimed at women and will come equipped with a Huawei Nova chip.


Huawei NOVA for Women Leak

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