RHA Introduce Dacamp L1, Ceramic CL1 Earphones at IFA 2016


High-end audio has been trickling down to even the lowest of the low-end for years now, and while high-end smartphones like the Galaxy S7 Edge and the upcoming LG V20 no doubt have more in store for the discerning listener than most, it's easier than ever to get great sound on the move. RHA, an audio company from the UK, have been producing well-made and great-sounding in-ear headphones for years now, such as the RHA T20 we reviewed last year. Now, during IFA 2016, RHA is announcing a new pair of high-end earphones as well as the new Dacamp L1, a portable DAC and headphone amplifier for those to get the best sound they can while on the move.

Starting with the Dacamp L1, this is something we got to spend time with not too long ago, but it's finally ready for the masses now and will soon be available to purchase. The Dacamp L1 features a high-end ESS Sabre ES9018K2M for each channel as well as dual Class AB amplifiers. For those not familiar with the world of portable high-end audio, a DAC is a Digital-to-Analog converter, and takes the 1s and 0s that make up the data of an MP3 file or your streamed music and turns it into an analog signal your headphones can interpret. The better this conversion is, the better the end result in your headphones is. Speaking of which, a dedicated headphone amplifier like this might be overkill for the pair that came with your smartphone, but for larger, higher-end and hungrier headphones, a headphone amplifier can really unlock their potential. The Dacamp L1 can be used with any Android smartphone running Android 5.0 and above, as well as your PC or Mac and features a 4,000 mAh battery for a full day's worth of listening.

For those more interested in the earphones themselves, the Ceramic CL1 earphones from RHA feature detachable sMMCX cables with over-the-ear hooks for extra comfort and a high-density ceramic shell. With two drivers, a new CL Dynamic driver and a ceramic plate driver in each earbud, the CL1 are RHA's first dual driver design. The cables themselves are made with braided OFC and features a core similar to 4-pin XLR connections. Each pair of the Ceramic CL1 will feature 11 pairs of ear tips for all sizes as well as Comply foam tips for a secure fit and perfect isolation.


Neither of these higher-end products come cheap, with the Dacamp L1 coming in at £349.95 ($455) and the Ceramic CL1 coming in at £399.95 ($520), and are clearly marketed to those that really appreciate the absolute best in sound quality, regardless of whether or not they're on the move. Available starting October, RHA have just given audiophiles the world over even more choice of pricey, high-end options.

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