Report: Galaxy Note 7's S Pen Gets Stuck If Pushed Too Hard


The Galaxy Note 7 is the talk of the town lately. This handset was announced on August 2nd as Samsung's all-new flagship phablet. The Galaxy Note 7 is, according to many people, one of the best-designed smartphones to ever become official. The phone is made out of metal and glass, just like its predecessor and this year's Galaxy S devices, but Samsung managed to refine its design even further. The phone ships with a top of the line set of specs, and its S Pen stylus is much improved as well. The S Pen is now waterproof, it learned tons of new tricks, and its tip is considerably thinner and has much more pressure levels, it recognizes 4,096 different pressure levels, just to be accurate.

That being said, most of you probably remember that some consumers had issues using Galaxy Note 5's S Pen, not because of the stylus itself, but because they did not properly holster it. The S Pen is supposed to be tucked away inside of the device when you're not using it, and in the Galaxy Note 5's case, you could have pushed it in the wrong way, which caused the stylus to get stuck inside, and if you forced it out, the phone's internal mechanism broke. Well, good news this time around are that the Galaxy Note 7's S Pen cannot be inserted the wrong way, Samsung took a different approach this time around in order to prevent last year's issues, the clicky part on top of the S Pen is wider and it simply cannot be inserted the wrong way. So, there's nothing to talk about here, no issues whatsoever, right? Wrong, read on.

According to latest reports, the Galaxy Note 7's S Pen gets stuck inside if you push it in too hard. One user who encountered such an issue managed to get the S Pen out of the device, but he got really angry in the process (which is understandable), at least based on his post on XDA Developers' forum. He managed to jam it out using a thumbtack (though you can use a needle or something of the sort), and it seems like he did not encounter any further issues after that, the S Pen works just fine now. So, the bottom line is, don't push your S Pen too hard into the Galaxy Note 7 or it might get stuck inside. There are two videos down below, just so that you can get a better idea of what the problem is here.


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