Power Saving Mode On Galaxy Note 7 Enhances Battery Life

Yesterday, during yet another unpacked event Samsung officially announced its much-awaited phone of the year the Galaxy Note 7. The new Galaxy Note 7 comes with new features and some upgrades from the company's last year's flagship phone Galaxy Note 5. Everything is improved on the latest phone including the battery, the battery on Galaxy Note 7 has expanded from 3,000 mAh last year to 3,500 mAh this year, and that may not be much exciting for you if you're trying to figure out the battery performance of the device just by taking a look at the numbers. The new Galaxy Note 7 comes with the new feature that enhances your battery life. Samsung has developed a new Power Saving mode, which enables the user to adjust display resolution which improves the battery life. This new technology can lead to additional 35 hours of usage from a fully charged battery if used correctly.

This can be achieved by limiting the maximum screen brightness,  restricting the performance and preventing the background network usage of the device, with that in mind you won't get any additional battery life if you don't want to tweak your device's performance. This Power Saving mode features three different modes: Off, Mid, and Max. When it's set to Off mode, the battery performance isn't get much affected and doesn't control the power required to carry the specific task. Turning on the Mid mode drops the device's resolution from Quad HD (2560 x 1440) to Full HD (1920 x 1080) and system performance also gets affected, tasks that require more power are gets tweaked like multi-tasking. Turning to the Max mode again drops the display from Full HD to HD (1280 x 720), shuts off all the network usage and disables the animations, and CPU speed is also lowered.

But if you're not happy with the above modes and want to change it the way you want, in such case Samsung have given you that option too. Samsung has provided users the facility to create their own preset, for example, if a user selects the Mid mode but don't want the device's display to drop from QHD to HD, then they can keep it that way. This will surely affect the device's battery and definitely, improve the battery life. Using the device on Max mode with HD resolution and lower CPU speed can save up to 50% battery.

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