Poll: Do You Prefer The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier Or Gear S3 Classic?


Samsung's official announcement for the Gear S3 was held this morning during their special event at IFA, and it comes available in two models, which includes the Classic and the Frontier. The Classic, not unlike last year's Gear S2 Classic, comes with a leather strap, while the Gear S3 Frontier comes with a silicone strap and a few more design elements on the watch case that are meant to evoke the more adventurous style of the group of consumers it's targeting. Despite the slight difference in offering, both models of the Gear S3 will come equipped with nearly the same functionality and components.

Those who want something that can handle all of the Gear S3's features without the need to connect to a smartphone through Bluetooth or connect up to a local Wi-Fi network will want to go for the Gear S3 Frontier, which will have integrated LTE. Having said that, there is no mention of a release time frame or a price for the Gear S3 Frontier yet, so those who will want to get their hands on the Gear S3 immediately will have to go for the Gear S3 Classic, which launches in October for $299. If the date of release and LTE are not factors, and you simply want something more minimalist and traditional in the style department, the Gear S3 Classic is the way to go.

Consumers are treated to a more refined smartwatch experience with the Gear S3 this year with a fine tuned design and new functionality like the SOS feature and the addition of new hardware like GPS and MST for mobile payments using Samsung Pay. It's also worth noting that Samsung Pay support is not new with the Gear S3, rather just the inclusion of MST support. If customization is your thing, both the Gear S3 Classic and the Gear S3 Frontier offer thousands of possible options for watch face designs, and a nearly limitless selection of watch strap options as Samsung and their design partners will have straps that are designed specifically for the Gear S3 available, and with the industry standard 22mm strap design you can also choose from any 22mm strap on the market no matter where you purchase it. The question is, with all of these great features, which do you prefer? The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier or the Samsung Gear S3 Classic?


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