Pokémon GO Said To Get Trading Feature In A Nearby Update

Pokémon GO is still a hot ticket in the mobile gaming community, and it's allegedly set to get some much requested features in a potentially nearby update. According to a recent Reddit post, details of a future update were found in the game's code, and it would appear that trading, a commonly found feature of the regular Pokémon games, will be making its way to Pokémon GO soon. Trading is something which players have been asking for since the game's launch, and while it was already confirmed that the ability to trade Pokémon would be introduced at some point, it was never confirmed when such a feature would be added to the game.

Alongside the addition of game code that lists off things like Trade_Search and Trade_Offer, which presumably allow the players to search for Pokémon that are up for trade by other players as well as list their own Pokémon for trade to other players, details were found in the game code that may also suggest the introduction of Legendary Pokémon soon, another feature which players have been waiting on for quite some time. While it has been hotly debated that these may already exist within the game since shortly after it had launched in the U.S., no such legendary Pokémon had yet been found, short of the Articuno which Niantic states was added into the game by mistake earlier this Summer.

Players may also be able to expect some sort of a system  that allows them to choose one of the Pokémon from their collection and assign it as a "buddy." Although it's still unclear as to what exactly this feature will be, it's being speculated that assigning a Pokémon as a buddy would allow it to walk alongside the player in the game's UI, which would mean that players may be able to see that buddy Pokémon on the screen traveling alongside their Pokémon trainer. With a buddy assigned, players might be able to have that specific Pokémon collect candy as they play which could then be used for evolution of that Pokémon. So far this is all speculation based on code found within the game and it has not been confirmed by Niantic, which also means there is unfortunately no information on a possible release time frame for these features if they end up being added.

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