Pokemon GO Makes It To Central And South America

While Pokemon GO has tens of millions of users worldwide and makes eye-popping amounts of money every minute, but it's not available in all regions of the world just yet. On the list of places awaiting a global rollout, Niantic said that South America and Central America, especially Brazil, were targets that they were hoping to hit in time for the 2016 Olympic Games. According to an announcement from a Niantic representative, Pokemon trainers planning to check out the games won't have to do without; Pokemon are invading the Americas right now, and will be in Brazil plenty early for this year's Olympic Games.

The game's global rollout has been a bit unusual and rough, plagued by server issues and seeing Japan, the birthplace of Pokemon, only get their release very recently. When the mayor of Rio de Janeiro took to Facebook to extend an official welcome to Pokemon and trainers, the pressure was on. Contending with server issues, game glitches, irate users, and a number of other factors, Niantic worked around the clock to get the game out to other areas. Because of their labors, some Pokefans' wishes to see a wild Charmander wander by and light the torch have at least some small chance of happening, as opposed to the absolute zero chance the event faced down earlier today.

As with the game's initial rollout in any area, players can expect some issues early on. The opening ceremony for the Rio 2016 Summer Olympics is set to happen this coming Friday, so Niantic has a bit of time to get all their ducks in a row and ensure everything is nice and smooth to handle the gigantic influx of trainers that the event is sure to bring with it. Given the high priority of the event, and the fact that Niantic will actually be anticipating the enormous server load, there's no real reason for things not to go off without a hitch for the big day, and the ensuing Games. With a recent job posting likely attracting a few promising server engineers and community managers, Pokemon trainers should expect to find everything flowing nicely in Rio, so long as no wild Snorlax block up the roads.

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