Pokemon GO Glitch Makes Game Unplayable For Some


In Pokemon GO, server issues and glitches of all sorts seem to have plagued the game since day one. From the breaking down of Pokemon tracking to an update that made Pokemon far harder to catch than they should have been, players have become well-acquainted with errors and hangups. Even now, over a month after launch and with various resource-hogging kicked off of the servers, various issues are still commonplace. The newest glitch to hit the game is far more devastating than most of the others as this latest glitch literally renders the game unplayable for affected players.

Players are taking to social media outlets and forums to report an empty map. Players are logging in to find their maps completely empty, with no PokeStops, no wild Pokemon popping up, and no gyms. Some speculate that the glitch is somehow tied to the most recent update, but not everybody that took the update is experiencing the bug. Affected players face down a completely empty map, but their locations, according to the locations of their avatars, is correct, and their connections are good. The loading sign in the top left corner is not present, and the Nearby tracker is also completely empty.

Some speculate that the game is accidentally softbanning players because IP addresses on mobile devices tend to jump around. This may make sense, since IP banning cheaters would be the best way to keep them from simply playing on the same device with another account. That speculation came up because one way to temporarily fix the issue is to disconnect from the mobile network, then reconnect. Restarting the device playing the game has also helped for some. Both of these options on a mobile network, would result in you being assigned a new IP address. The issue with this line of thinking is that softbanned players can still see everything, they just can't interact. No items come from PokeStops, they can't fight or leave Pokemon at gyms, and wild Pokemon will run away upon being tapped. Thus, players are left scratching their heads as to the origin of the glitch and possible fixes. There has been no word from Niantic on this as of yet.

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