Philips Rolls Out Smartphone-Centered Health Ecosystem


When you think of smartphones and the Internet of Things (IoT), one of the first names to pop into your head isn't likely to be Philips. Their name, for most, conjures images of headphones, toothbrushes, and telephones. Some may even still listen to songs they first discovered as pack-ins on a Philips MP3 player. One of Philips' biggest businesses, however, is in the healthcare sector. The biggest subsection of that, in fact, is hospital equipment, such as radiology equipment and other heavy-duty tech. Thus, it only makes sense that Philips would decide to combine the internet of things and healthcare to create a comprehensive ecosystem for consumers.

Coming on the heels of HTC and Under Armour announcing a similar setup centered around a smart scale and geared toward fitness, Philips has put out a range of products meant to look more at overall health. At the center of the whole thing is a mobile app that allows users to control various aspects of the different devices within the ecosystem. The app, called HealthSuite Health, serves as a hub for users to fine-tune what needs fine-tuning and look over all of their data. On the hardware side of things, the centerpiece is an oddball smartwatch that costs $249.99, but lacks many of the basic features one would expect from a modern smartwatch, like notification support. Instead, the high price is justified by the huge range of sensors present and the sheer volume of health data that the watch can capture and track. Users will get the normal heart rate monitor that's present on most high-end watches, along with support for activity tracking, calorie tracking, and sleep tracking. The watch features a non-colored always-on display with up to 4 days of battery life, and can charge quickly. To top it all off, the watch is water resistant to 1 atmosphere, allowing most users to wear it almost constantly.

Along with the watch and the app, Philips is offering up an ear thermometer, a precision smart scale, and two different blood pressure monitors, all of which can feed their data into the HealthSuite Health app in one way or another. The entire ecosystem of devices are designed to be up to spec as medical devices, and are thus clinically certified for a number of metrics, including accuracy. The devices are available for all on Amazon right now, though nothing was said about the possibility of brick and mortar availability in the future.


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