OnePlus Likely To Launch New Audio Product On August 25


OnePlus is a company that likes to launch things. Whether it be a new smartphone to take on the industry staples or a drone, OnePlus does like its product launches. Likewise, OnePlus also does seem to like the hype period which inevitably comes prior to a launch. Therefore, if there is a product waiting in the wings, you can be sure that OnePlus will make it known with some sort of teaser. Pretty much like the one which has now surfaced today.

Earlier today OnePlus released a new teaser video to YouTube which details that the company is likely to announce and/or release a new product on August 25. While the video itself does not explicitly state what the product is likely to be, there are more than enough clues to hazard a guess. Firstly, the video comes equipped with a backing track which is played in the background to what seems to be a vinyl record spinning around. Which evidently does play on the notion that this is an audio-related product of some sort. Not to mention the video ends with a "tune in" reference which also adds to the audio-related teasing. Further evidence comes from what seems to be the centerpiece of the record player which clearly looks as though it is an earbud of some sort. Especially as it seems to come attached to a lengthy black cable.

So needless to say, it does seem as though OnePlus will be launching a new set of earphones on August 25. The record being played is labelled as 'OnePlus V2' which also seems to indicate that this will likely be a second version of an existing product. Therefore, the likely candidates to be upgraded to version 2 will either be the OnePlus Icons earphones or the OnePlus Silver Bullets earphones. If it is the former, then it should be expected they will be a higher priced item (albeit not high price in the grand scheme of things, as is the case with OnePlus in general) while if it is the latter, they will likely be marketed as very affordably-priced earphones. Which of these it will be though currently remains to be seen, as does the likely price or whether they have any additional notable features. In the meantime you can check out the new teaser video from OnePlus in full below.


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