OnePlus 3 Owner Reports Exploding Battery & Decimated Phone


The OnePlus 3 is one of the hottest smartphones of 2016. As well as coming packing a number of high-profile specs like 6GB RAM, it is also a device which is very affordable, compared to flagship smartphones. Which is enough in itself to make the OnePlus 3 a compelling purchase, which seems to be the case for many buyers with reports suggesting that the OnePlus 3 is well on its way to becoming the best-selling and most-successful OnePlus smartphone to date.

However, in spite of what seems to be overwhelmingly positive reviews from both the media and consumers alike, one particular OnePlus 3 owner is less than happy or impressed. This is because the owner in question claims that the OnePlus 3 exploded. According to the details, the OnePlus 3 was barely two-months old and as the owner states on reddit, the "lithium-ion battery exploded, decimating the phone". The redditor, subtlebeast89, goes on to point out that the smartphone began heating up in the pocket and "after removing it and placing it outside, it started releasing noxious fumes and burned most of my phone".

Now this is not the first time that a smartphone has been reported as exploding, burning up, catching fire, or otherwise, and in spite of this being a very low-frequency event in the grand scheme of things, this has been a situation noted for many leading smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, among others. Therefore, this is not a OnePlus issue per se, nor is it likely to be a common one with the OnePlus 3, or any smartphone for that matter. In terms of the current situation, OnePlus does seem to have responded to the user on reddit and is thought to be in the process of dealing with the issue raised.


It is worth pointing out that many of the commentators on the post are debating the authenticity of the claims. The original poster did include two videos which are meant to act as proof of what happened, although some are claiming that it looks as though the battery was removed from the phone prior to the event. Either way, you can check out the two proof videos for yourself below, or head through the source link to join the conversation.

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