OnePlus 3 Charges Faster Than Galaxy S7


A recent claim from OnePlus boasts that their OnePlus 3 with Dash Charge can charge up the battery faster than Samsung's Galaxy S7. Nobody likes their phone quitting on them. The pocket supercomputers that almost everyone can afford these days have a huge range of amazing abilities and benefits, but one area where they get stomped by their older cellular counterparts is battery life. Small, low-resolution screens, ancient processors, and low-power cellular chips lent themselves to devices that could surf the web on WAP for marathon hours, stay on all week without batting an eyelash, and in the case of some of the more aged models with black and white screens, play their role as a reliable communicator and not much else for close to a month without a charge. Android phones with ridiculously huge batteries typically max out at a full day of heavy usage, with screen on time almost never passing the 10 hour mark. Researchers are hard at work creating better batteries, but for now, fast charging can help to ease the pain.

While a phone that doesn't last more than 5 hours of continuous use can really weigh you down sometimes, being able to regain near-full charge in under an hour can help to soften the blow. Even if you have to visit an outlet one or two times per day, or more with very heavy use, those visits can happen very fast and leave you with a good amount of charge. Such is the case with the OnePlus 3, which uses a special technology mentioned above called Dash Charge. Samsung's Galaxy S7 charges fast enough for it to be considered a selling point, but OnePlus has video proof that their Dash Charge technology can smoke what Samsung has to offer.

In a video posted to YouTube, a OnePlus 3 is shown reaching 64% charge from being nearly dead, while a Galaxy S7 that's been charging for the same amount of time only has 50% of its battery life to show for its troubles. While 14% seems to go fast once the battery gets that low, that sliver of power can be the difference between taking pictures through a long night out with friends then grabbing an Uber when the fun is over, or missing out on a number of photo ops and walking home, or even roaming the night scene in search of a place to get a charge. OnePlus also points out that Dash Charge does not slow down when the phone is in use, whereas Samsung's solution does, a fact that should give those who don't like to be separated from their phone serious pause in considering buying the Galaxy S7.


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