Note-Taking App 'Simplenote' gets Open Sourced

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When it comes to taking notes on the go, there are many apps available to choose from but the Evernote app has remained the most popular note taking app so far, thanks to its added functionalities such as ability to sync on multiple devices, note sharing, offline access and more. But Evernote has made some changes to their business model lately by imposing limitations on the functionalities of its free tier plan, to force users to upgrade to their premium plan, which has disappointed many longtime users. And if you are using the Evernote app and don’t care to shell out money on the premium plan and looking for another alternative, then you might want to check out this new note taking app, Simplenote by Automattic, Inc.

Simplenote as its name suggests, is a lightweight note taking app that gives you the ability to take notes and make to-do lists, easily on the go. Though it’s a lightweight app, it packs some neat features. It gives you an option to sync your notes on multiple devices just like Evernote — though Evernote only supports sync between two devices on the free plan. Other features include, the ability to pin and tag your notes so it remains organized and makes it easier to search them later, you can also set pin lock for the app to secure your notes from unsafe hands. Simplenote is a cross-platform app, so you can use it on any of your devices running iOS, Mac or Windows and today the company made an announcement that they are open sourcing the code of the Simplenote for all of the platform. The code of Android, iOS, and Mac app have been now uploaded to the Automattic’s Github repository and can be downloaded by anyone. If you’re an app developer you can use this code in your own app or you can simply make some changes on your own and release it again. But it seems like only the client side of the app is being open-sourced as of now while server-side code is not yet released.

Simplenote is available on the Play Store and can be downloaded free and the best part is that there is no in-app-purchase like Evernote.