New Leak Sheds More Light On Galaxy Note 7's S Pen Features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 AH 7

There is always incredible excitement when it comes to flagship device announcements, especially when it comes to Samsung’s devices. Their Galaxy Note devices are popular among premium phones, and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been leaking all over the place for weeks now. Everything about the device, from a complete system dump to photos and renders have been published on the internet, but the curiosity about the upcoming flagship phablet is yet to be sated. The Galaxy Note 7 is set to be launched at Samsung’s Unpacked event which will be held on August 2nd. That is where all the leaks and rumors will prove themselves, but until then, here is another possible leak about the new features of Samsung’s S Pen stylus, the forte of the Galaxy Note line-up.

Samsung’s unique S Pen is a stylus that has been reinvented to augment the experience of using a phablet, and it is what sets the Galaxy Note series apart from other smartphones. It allows true pen input without any lag, and accurate stroke registration, but what sets it apart is the host of features like Air Command and Floating Touch, which are being continually developed and improved by Samsung. With every iteration of the Note series, Samsung continues to add new features to the S Pen, and this year is likely no different. The latest rumors point to three new features being added to S Pen feature arsenal, making it more powerful.

The first of the three features is called Translate, and as the name says, it allows the user to translate a word of the foreign language to English by hovering over the word with the S Pen. Although it saves time as no additional app needs to be opened, the question remains on how much text it will be able to translate at a time which is important when you are dealing with long documents in a foreign language. The S Pen will also provide a nifty audio icon, which when pressed will allow the user to hear the pronunciation of the selected text. The other feature is called Magnify and serves to zoom into the area selected by the stylus. The third leaked feature goes by the name Glance, and is an app-switcher of sorts. It lets the user switch to different apps by hovering over the thumbnail of the app.


These might not be the only new features added to the new S Pen featured in the Galaxy Note 7, but it is certainly interesting to watch Samsung add more functionality to an already useful technology. There have also been rumors about the S Pen being able to work underwater, which is an amazing feat in itself, but we’ll see.