New Google Beta App Brings An Animation In Leaked Launcher

Google App New Logo AH

Just a few weeks ago we got our first look at the new Google launcher — which is expected to come pre-installed with the new Nexus devices, thanks to a leaked Google launcher app. Though throughout the developer preview we have never seen any big changes to the launcher part, but according to rumors, Google is secretly working on a new launcher for upcoming Nexus devices.

A Reddit user named /u/parentskeepfindingme spotted a change in the leaked launcher, in the form of a new animation being added to the Google search app bar. Previously, pressing the Google app icon on the home screen was missing the fluid material animation. It seems like this animation update comes as a part of a new Google beta app update and not an update to launcher itself. If you’re running this leaked Nexus launcher and want to get this animation added to your launcher, you will need an update to your Google search app. Note that you will need a beta version of the Google search app to make it work. If you’re a beta tester try grabbing the latest version of the app to get this feature. In case you’re not a beta app tester and want to get this animation, enroll in the Google app beta program to become a beta tester for the Google app and then download the latest update. After updating the app you’ll notice that now tapping the Google search app results in a smooth material animation, which really gives a polished feel.

Though this is just a small bit of change, it all points to the fact that Google is getting ready for the official Nexus launch by giving the launcher a final touch. As a recap, this leaked Google launcher brings a complete overhaul to the stock launcher in terms of user interface and design. The app drawer button is now gone — now you will have to swipe from the bottom to the top to access your apps. Other changes include daily wallpaper picker – which automatically changes your wallpaper every day to the new one, more fluid animations and new Google search bar.