New Galaxy Note 7 Ad Highlights All The Reasons To Buy One

Samsung Galaxy Note TV Ad 3

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may have been formally announced and introduced back at the start of August, but the anticipation and excitement is still strong with this one. Of course, that is to be expected as in spite of being announced, the Galaxy Note 7 has remained in a pre-order status ever since. In fact, it was only this morning when the Galaxy Note 7 progressed through to the next stage with its general availability going live in the US. Along with a bunch of other Galaxy-related products, including the Gear VR headset, Gear 360 camera, Gear IconX earbuds, the Level Active headphones and the Samsung Connect Auto.

Over the last few weeks and to help keep the buzz going during the pre-order phase, Samsung did release a number of new videos which detail various and specific aspects of the Galaxy Note 7. These included individual videos which focused on aspects like its entertainment value, its S Pen and so forth. Now that the device is on general release you might have expected the next wave of Samsung videos to begin to emerge and that is an expectation which would have been correct, as Samsung has now released their latest Galaxy Note 7 promo and this one packs in the selling points.

The latest video from Samsung is one of the official TV sports for the Galaxy Note 7 and in spite of only being thirty seconds in duration, it is somewhat impressive how many references and feature highlights the company has managed to pack into the video. As such, if you are wondering why the Note 7 needs to be waterproof? Why you might need an iris scanner? or even why you need an S Pen? Then this video has examples of situations where all of those questions are answered. As well as also pointing out the benefits of the size and resolution of the display, the camera capabilities and the use of the Galaxy Note 7 with the Gear VR. If you do want to check out a masterclass on how to cram as many selling points as possible into a single thirty-second advert, then you can watch the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 7 promotional video below.