New 'Dashboard' Tab Being Tested In Google Now


Google Now is one of those features that regularly receives updates which include various tweaks, improvements or otherwise. Most of the time, the updates or newly added features are small tweaks. However, there are those times where bigger and more consequential changes take place. The latter seems to be what is currently being expected from upcoming Google Now changes thanks to the company looking to introduce their recently announced Google Assistant on a more widespread level. While the full extent to that changes has yet to be realized, various smaller changedĀ have been recently noted which collectively will form the bigger and more widespread look, feel and use of the likes of Google Now. For instance, it was recently noted that Google was toying with the idea of tabs in Google Now which allow for quick shortcut access to various aspects like nearby places or tasks. As well as toying with an 'Explore' option which lets you customize your interests a little more than usual. Now, the latest toying has been spotted with what seems to be a new 'Dashboard' tab which is appearing for some users.

First off, it does seem to be the case that this is only showing up for a very select number of users. Furthermore, it is being suggested that it might only be showing up for those who happen to be running the Nexus Launcher. As this launcher was leaked, it does raise the question as to whether the new Dashboard feature is actually being publicly tested or only internally tested. Although either way, it is being tested and is showing up for some users.

In terms of what Dashboard brings to the table, this is also a little unclear. Although the assumption being made is that Dashboard will essentially be a one-stop location for all your Google-related information within Now. So for instance, any tasks you have to do, emails to respond to, or notifications you receive, will likely appear in this section and grouped together as part of your dashboard. However, as mentioned this is a feature being very lighted tested at the moment and therefore any real conclusions on what it is, what it does, when (or even, if) it will be available or on what devices/launchers it will be available, are hard to make. Although, you can see one of the images currently doing the rounds which highlight that the new tab is definitely being testedĀ at some level.


Google Now Dashboards Tab

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