Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King Game Released For Android And iOS


If you are a fan of boxing, you may be interested to know that a new mobile game was released today for Android and iOS featuring legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. But wait, before you put on your gloves and prepare yourself to get into the ring, you should know, it is not exactly a boxing game, but rather a boxing-themed puzzle game. Muhammad Ali: Puzzle King revolves around connecting similarly-colored boxing gloves. However, there are some boxing elements to the game, as the effects of different moves cause the player's avatar at the top of the screen to throw punches of varying levels of power at an opponent that must ultimately be defeated to proceed.

In each level, the player has a set of goals that involve connecting a certain number of the specified color of gloves. There areĀ a limited number of moves in which they can do it, and once they have completed all goals, they will "K.O." their opponent, finishing the level. Upon finishing a level for the first time, the player is awarded a bronze medal. However, they can complete it a second and third time for a silver and gold medal, respectively, and more coins are earned based on the type of medal received, with the gold medal having the highest payout. There are also weights, which are items that cannot be connected to anything, and serve as obstacles to make the game more difficult. Weights can only be eliminated by connecting adjacent gloves. Gems, on the other hand, must be collected rather than destroyed by connecting gloves that are beside them on the board. Aside from gameplay featuring Muhammad Ali, fans will recognize events that occurred throughout his life woven into the story of the game. As the player progresses through the game, they will continue to fight new opponents and take on new challenges.

There is no charge to download and install the game, though it does feature in-app purchases. Cosi Games, the developers behind Muhammed Ali: Puzzle King and recent hit Pele: Soccer Legend, will be donating a portion of the proceeds to the Muhammad Ali Center, a museum that highlights the life of Muhammad Ali. To try the game out for yourself, click the link below and head on over to the Google Play Store to download it.


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