Motorola's Moto File Manager App Added To The Play Store


Today has been a busy day so far with a number of high-profile announcements being made and by some of the biggest names in the business. Just to highlight two of them, Samsung unveiled their latest smartwatch, the Gear S3, while Lenovo and Motorola introduced their latest member of the Moto Z family of smartphones the Moto Z Play. Speaking of which, as well as introducing a new Moto Z model, it also seems as though a new Moto app has made its way to the Google Play Store today.

Like many OEMs, Motorola has been pushing apps to the Play Store for quite some time and were actually one of the first to start doing so. This latest one will be a very familiar app to anyone who does own a Moto device as it is the stock Moto File Manager app. Needless to say, for those unfamiliar with the app, it should need little explanation as it is a fairly standard file manager app, although it does come with a nice UI and some additional features. The newly-listed Google Play version (v3.6.68) does not seem to be listing anything too new in terms of features, with the changelog simply detailing "Bug fixes and stability improvements" as what's new and included. So while it does not contain any majorly noteworthy features, the fact that it is now listed on the Play Store does mean that when big and noteworthy updates do start rolling through, it should be fairly quick and easy for Moto device owners to get those updated versions of the app.

As this is a stock Moto app, it is not much good to anyone who is not currently using a Moto device as you won't be able to download and/or install the app from Google Play. Likewise, if you do own a Moto smartphone, then this is likely to be an app you already have installed on your device and with the limited changes listed, there is not much need to rush to push the latest update. Either way though, if you do want to check out the Google Play Store page for the newly-listed Moto File Manager app, head through the link below.


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