Mobius Final Fantasy Enters Global Launch


Square Enix' long-awaited Mobius Final Fantasy has finally arrived at its global launch and is now available to install in North America as well as other regions, following its launch in Japan last year. For those who follow the Final Fantasy series, there will be numerous familiar elements and tones within the game that make it feel like a Final Fantasy title. One very big difference between Mobius Final Fantasy and other Final Fantasy games which are available on Android though is the graphics, as the ones implemented here are fairly close to console quality and will look quite a bit like those of Final Fantasy XIV.

Right off the bat fans of the franchise will also immediately notice that the gameplay is vastly different from that of other Final Fantasy games as this is not a turn-based JRPG style like games in the main franchise line. It does offer turn-based combat however, bringing a fresh angle to a much loved series in the RPG genre. The famously large set of job systems are here and that will resonate well with new and old fans alike. Where the game does take a new direction when it comes to combat is with building decks of cards that can be used with your character, as the cards in your deck, of which there can be four at any given time, will add various attacks and abilities to your character during combat, each having a unique elemental ability. Each card will also match with a specific job type, and cards level up faster when you have matched cards with the job you have selected. For example, filling your deck with Mage type cards when you have selected a Mage job will give better results.

In addition to the turn-based combat and HD graphics, Mobius Final Fantasy stays true to its RPG roots and offers up an epic story to follow, and players will come across cut scenes from time to time that link the other elements of the gameplay and the story together. There will be continuous events to participate in that will give players in-game rewards as well as daily login bonuses, and content updates that add more to the gameplay down the road as well. There are also social aspects as you can add friends in the game and rent cards from other players to assist you in battle. Likewise you can choose one of your own cards to put up for a rental card for other players. If you enjoy Final Fantasy games and are looking for something that breaks away from the norm of the franchise and delivers an experience that has been tailored for mobile, Mobius Final Fantasy can now be picked up from the Play Store.


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