Lyft Users Will Soon Be Able To Add A Pit Stop


Using just about any ride sharing service to get around town is convenient, but can have its pain points for both rider and driver. One of the more major issues for most users is having to grab one ride to one place that they want to go on the way to somewhere else, then hit the app and get a new driver for the ride to their actual destination. While it's not that major of an inconvenience, having a driver familiar with your route for the whole way is always nice, and giving your driver pit stops to visit on the way eliminates the wait time while a new driver arrives. Lyft is rolling out just such a feature called Pit Stop, and it should arrive in the very near future.

In order to request a ride with a pit stop, users start out doing the same thing they would usually do to secure a ride. After choosing between Lyft premier, plus, or regular, riders are brought to the screen where they get to see their route, ETA, and destination confirmation. At this screen, riders will be able to tap on a plus sign to add in another destination. The new middle destination will then show up in the user's overall list for that ride. After that, proceed to request the Lyft ride as normal, and the driver will know to swing by your new stop.

Lyft's official announcement of the feature includes how to go about requesting a stop, but a few details are left out. For one, it likely costs extra to keep your driver waiting while you go about your business at the requested stop, but whether that's the case is unclear and the prices are missing if there is an extra charge. Whether riders can request multiple stops is also absent, and if so, how many. Also, the announcement does not cover whether any rate adjustments are involved in asking for a stop, especially in cases where a requested stop may be far off the normal route between the ride requester's location and destination, where it's safe to assume extra drive time would be charged anyway. Finally, Lyft did not say when exactly users would begin to see the new feature.


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