Lenovo's Rumored 4.6" Device May Be Launched As 'Moto M'


Motorola’s original Moto G might have been a roaring success a few years back, but that that seems like a distant memory now, as the company, as well as its parent, Lenovo, continue to struggle in the global smartphone market. Lenovo has already been pushed out of the list of the top smartphone makers in China by aggressive firms like Oppo, but unlike Sony, the company seems to believe that the remedy for all its woes lies in launching more models and offering more options for its customers. That being the case, Motorola is now apparently looking to address a niche by bringing out a 4.6-inch handset in an era when devices with 5.5-inch displays are considered to be the norm rather than the exception.

The upcoming device from Motorola has actually already been rumored, and even got listed on GFXBench back in June. The handset apparently got certified in China just yesterday, but at that stage, reports claimed that it will be marketed as the Moto X (2016). However, it now looks likely that the device will be eventually launched by the Lenovo-owned company as the Moto M. That’s because a post on Google+ earlier today by Hello Moto HK seemed to confirm that the rumored 4.6-inch device from the company is indeed in the pipeline. The post also confirmed the presence of a MediaTek chip and dismissed the idea that it will be the next-gen Moto X. As for the post itself, it was a simple one liner: “4.6″ MTK = Lenovo Moto M, ≠ Moto X, ok?”

While not a whole lot is known about the so-called Moto M, it is rumored to come with the MediaTek Helio P10 SoC and sport 3GB of RAM. As for the cameras, the device will apparently have a 16-megapixel unit on the rear and an 8-megapixel one on the front. While the presence of the Helio P10 obviously means that the device won’t be competing at the premium end of the market, a clarification posted later in the thread now seemingly lays bare the exact positioning of the upcoming model. It will apparently be positioned between the Moto G and the Moto Z, so looks like Motorola isn’t exactly looking to compete in the entry-level segment with the device.