Leaked Sprint Planogram Reveals Some Galaxy Note 7 Features


A planogram is the backbone of just about any customer-facing retail establishment. Without a planogram, sometimes called a plot plan or zone chart, employees would have no clear guidance on where to place items for maximum customer appeal. In some cases, planograms can also contain a little bit of information about the item in question, educating employees to help them match up the item to customers' needs and clinch the sale. This practice is especially common in the wireless industry, which is where today's leak comes from. Fresh from an employees-only area of a piece of Sprint-owned or leased property, this particular planogram reveals some juicy details about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phablet.

The rumor mill has been going crazy concerning the upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 7, meaning that this planogram is essentially confirming a good few of the rumors that have been floating around about the phone. For starters, word on the street that the Edge design started in the Galaxy Note Edge is front and center here, along with the water resistance that the public got hooked on with the Galaxy S5 and sorely missed in the more premium Galaxy S6, has been confirmed. The presence of 64GB of internal memory is confirmed, as well as a MicroSD slot touted to be able to handle cards up to 256GB in size. Couple with the adoptable storage found in Android 6.0 Marshmallow and up, this means that app addicts, gamers, media buffs and the like will all be able to deck this phone out with up to 320GB of total space for their favorite bits and bytes, a number on par with most mid-range to premium PCs these days. Also on the list is a camera feature called fast autofocus, which does exactly what it says it does. As a side effect, it aids quite nicely in low-light and moving subject photography.

Calling the phone "Big, bold, beautiful", the placard in the leaked planogram boasts of a number of features that many have been hoping to see in the upcoming flagship. With a leaked Verizon document pointing to a release on August 19th for Big Red customers and likely not far out of that area for everybody else, the phone's release is certainly upon us, and like any other Samsung flagship, the leaks and rumors will likely continue flying all the way up until the big day.



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