Latest Video For Google Photos Focuses On Automatic Backups


If you are already one of the many active users of Google's photo app, Google Photos, then you will unlikely need new much persuading on what makes the app a good app. It is one of those photo apps which comes touting a number of additional features which are of benefit to those interested in building a substantial collection of images. Not to mention, it does also come loaded with a number of additional customization features to improve the look and feel of your app, thanks to the use of the 'Assistant' on offer within the Google Photos app.

However, not everyone is probably as familiar with Google Photos and that does mean that Google has been doing what it can recently to 'sell' the app. More specifically, sell those features of the app which make it more appealing than some of the other options. This sales push has included new promotional videos which have began to surface online, with one of the most recent ones coming through last week and detailing Google Photo's space saving feature, free up space. This is essentially the ability to circumvent issues where you encounter one of those 'in the moment' picture opportunities just to find out you do not have enough space on your device to actually take the picture as it happens.

Over the weekend, Google released its newest promotional video for Google Photos and this one looks to make sure that when tragedy strikes, you can be rest assured that you do not have to worry about losing any of those precious images. While the situation shown in the video (jumping in the pool with your smartphone in your pocket) is unlikely to relate to everyone, the wider issue of losing your smartphone will be and while the lost of a smartphone is a fairly problematic issue, the video looks to explain that the loss of a smartphone does not also mean a loss of your image collection. This is thanks to Google Photos offering the ability to constantly back up your photos to its cloud service. Meaning that when you do get your new smartphone, it is just a matter of installing the app again and gaining access to all those photos once again. You can check out the new video which surfaced yesterday below.


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